On A Personal Note…

Can I just say that I am so happy Netflix brought back all those shows and at the right time lol! I just finished watching The Game (I wonder if they will put the rest of the seasons on there because I think I stopped after season 4 when it was on tv), almost doneContinue reading “On A Personal Note…”

Youtube Fridays: Daytime Skincare Routine

You know, it doesn’t seem like the days are running together anymore but I still wake up confused about what day of the week it is lol! Anyway its Friday and time for another Youtube video. Since I shared my nighttime routine last week, figured I would share my daytime skincare routine. I have beenContinue reading “Youtube Fridays: Daytime Skincare Routine”

Drea Notes Is Relaunching!!

Some of you may be wondering what Drea Notes is and what is exactly is relaunching. I wanted to launch a monthly newsletter for the longest time but I let fear get in the way. I wanted an outlet to connect with my audience outside of social media because you never know when it willContinue reading “Drea Notes Is Relaunching!!”