You Learn Some Things About Yourself During A Pandemic

You know I had a fashion post planned for today but didn’t realize the piece I wanted to feature was more for Fall lol. I didn’t want to just scramble to post something else in my closet that wasn’t really planned so I’ll save that for later on closer to Fall. I know a lotContinue reading “You Learn Some Things About Yourself During A Pandemic”

On A Personal Note….

I feel better but still feel a little blah. I don’t feel as angry and sad anymore but there is still this cloud of fear and doubt hanging around. I am grateful to see some of these cases start to go to trial and people being held accountable but this honestly sparked a worldwide debateContinue reading “On A Personal Note….”

Just Needed To Get This Out Because I’m Not Okay…..

I had to go back and reference my other platform but I wrote a piece right after Philando Castile was murdered. It triggered me because his daughter was in the car when it happened and being a mother it really affected me. I debated back and forth to even write something because I was scared.Continue reading “Just Needed To Get This Out Because I’m Not Okay…..”

Establishing A Morning Routine

I really needed that 3 day weekend but it feels like Monday again lol. I had to remind myself that it was Tuesday but we do have a short work week. I am happy to get back to the weekend. At the beginning of the year, I set out to establish a morning routine. IContinue reading “Establishing A Morning Routine”