Changing Affirmations

As we were coming into 2021, I said that I wanted to make an affirmation board. I want to speak positivity over my life and speak things into existence. I was having a hard time being positive and manifesting things I wanted. I did Google searches, used affirmations from others and even created a few of my own. After a few months, I started to realize that most of them did not even apply to me. I was using affirmations that applied to others, not myself. My life is constantly shifting and changing, I needed affirmations, mantras and saying that related to me and my life. I stopped reciting them and saying certain affirmations but I really want to continue with speaking positivity into my life and keeping the positive vibes. I did a little research and recreated my affirmation board. It honestly is not too late to make changes and make a shift. I feel good about these new affirmations and mantras. I’ll continue them throughout the rest of the year and most likely will create a new one for 2022.

Do you have affirmations/mantras/quotes that you recite on a daily basis? Let’s chat. See you guys tomorrow!

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