Is Social Media Ruining Our Life?

When you hear the words social media, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a place where you share your life or a place where you are trying to become “instantly” famous or a place to promote your business? I feel like social media is driving everything and somewhat ruining our lives. I remember one day last week YouTube went down. I didn’t know anything about it until I logged into Twitter(which I am struggling to utilize lol) and saw the commotion. Like what would everyone do if YouTube went away? What would you do if all social media went away? Would you still be able to promote your business by word of mouth or the old fashion way before social media took over? Would you be able to function in society without being glued to your phone? I remember being out one day and I saw a family out to eat and all of them

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Be Your Own Goals

I posted this on my previous platform back in July and wanted to re-share this with you. Enjoy. It is nice to admire others and inspire to be like them but it is also nice to be your own goals. It seems like social media has taken over and driving just about everything so you see your goals and aspirations from your favorite influencer to celebrity. It is so easy to get caught up in other people’s lives that you start to think that is how your life is supposed to go. You see your favorite Youtuber purchasing a new house, expensive car, going on shopping sprees, dating the hottest guy and so on. You see this and say to yourself, I want those things but in reality does it fit you and your current lifestyle? I’ll admit to purchasing some things I see others purchasing online but I will stop myself when it is something way out of my

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What defines success?

When I was growing up, it was a whole different meaning of success. You would graduate from high school, go to college, earn your degree, get a job, work your way up the company latter  to get to that office with all the windows and be there for 30 something years until it is time to retire. You also had a big house, nice family, married with children and purchased a boat during retirement. This is what I saw on T.V. a lot and thought I had to follow this path. This is not the case today. Now people are not working for traditional companies anymore and becoming entrepreneurs. You are not staying at one job for many years, you are kind of hoping around until you can find a company you love or you have a side hustle that you dream of making full time. Everyone doesn’t go to college or earn degrees, we don’t need the big house

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A Little Reminder…

If you have kids, you would know it takes a lot of patience to deal with the falling out, not listening, talking back and so on. Sometimes it is so hard for me not to lose my cool with my son because we are in the the not listening phase. It gets frustrating sometimes but I know I need to be patient raising him (but I hope this phase is over like now lol). Just like parenting, the same rules apply to the rest of your life. Life can get pretty frustrating at times but you have to be patient that things will work out. The other day I was a little frustrated with blogging and how I was progressing. I have been doing this for 5 years and feel like I should be further along than I am. I look at some of my fellow blogger friends being asked to speak on panels, getting PR packages, sponsored content and

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Naturalle Drea Turns 5!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I know I have been on this platform for a couple months but I started blogging 5 years ago on Blogger/Blogspot. I took a chance on trying something new and it evolved so much over the years. I jumped into this blogging world thinking it was going to be easy but it wasn’t. There are still things about blogging that I don’t know that I just learned at BlogHer last month. I am super proud of myself for not giving up because there were so many late nights, tears and frustration that I was wanted to hit that delete button. I had to remember the promise I made to myself on not to give up no matter what. I could have 5 followers or thousands, I’m going to keep blogging. I love this creative space I made and I’m so passionate about it. I want to keep evolving, growing, keep learning more and just keep

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Make Silent Moves

You know when you are a kid and you accomplish something really major like make the honor roll or got accepted into the university your dreams, you want to go and tell everyone and anyone who would listen. Your family would be so proud and also go tell others about your achievements. There would be no judgement or someone downplaying you, it was nothing but praise and uplifting. Today when you have good news to share, there is always someone who is hating, telling you that your dreams are impossible to reach, that you are out of your mind and so on. It not only comes from “associates” or so-called friends but from your own family members. It is sad that now you really can’t share your dreams and aspirations with people, you just have to move in silence. You have to make those moves in silence and just show people the outcome later. I had to learn the hard

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Being Transparent

This is a 20 something Drea. I have been trying to “snap back” to this body for the past 7 years. This was a time when I could eat anything and everything and had such a high metabolism. This was also a time when I had all the time in the world to be in the gym and workout. I remember my Mom saying to me that eventually my metabolism would slow down one day and of course I thought it wouldn’t. I thought I would keep this figure forever (insert evil laugh). If you didn’t know, I have a 7 year old and I gained a little over 50 pounds with my pregnancy. I had a fear that I wouldn’t snap back and be the same size again. I dropped the 50 plus pounds I gained and was so happy I could fit in my jeans again. I continued to workout and be active. I was still striving for

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It is almost time!!

I am so excited for this move! I can’t believe August will be here next week! It seems like the summer is flying by so fast and I feel like I haven’t had much time to enjoy it. It has been so busy at work and just everything that been going on.   Anyway, I will be here full time starting Thursday August 2nd! The current schedule for new posts will be every Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday. Tuesdays will be regular posts like reviews or personal posts and Thursdays and Fridays will be videos. My videos are also published on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to RIGHT HERE!! I am so excited and hope you tune in every week!

Representation Matters!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of blogging. I needed to take a much needed break to clear my head and get things together. I am super excited to be making this transition to Word Press, not sure when but just excited for the move. I remember when I was growing up, it was important to see people like myself on tv, magazines, movies and so on. The first for me was watching The Cosby Show. I was in awe to see an African American family on tv that you can relate to. You aspired to become a doctor or lawyer or even go to college. I loved the positive representation it showed me and I aspired one day to have a family like that. I feel that it is important for everyone to have a positive representation of themselves. It is important for children to grow seeing people like themselves to aspire to be like. I’m not

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