Is There Such Thing As Blogger Etiquette??

I attempt to write daily to practice and this has just been on my mind. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years, going on 6 in August and always wondered if there was blogger etiquette. I taught myself about blogging and learned things from others along the way but I just feel like there is some kind of etiquette that goes along with blogging. I would think or maybe….

I think that everyone has their own rules for blogging, there isn’t a set of rules or unwritten rules somewhere. I tried doing some research and it was just many blog posts with opinions about blogger etiquette. There may be some bloggers out there that don’t think that etiquette or rules are necessary for blogging but I honestly think that there should be. Again, I’m no expert and a self taught blogger so don’t quote me on this lol.

Respond when someone comments on your post

I feel like this is known rule. The whole point is to interact with your readers and engage with them. You want them to come back don’t you?

I think it is only right that you respond when there are comments on your posts. I am a little notorious for answering a few days late but I always answer. I always thank my reader for stopping by and give a response to their comment. There have been times when I commented under some bloggers posts and there is no response back. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they have a schedule on when they respond to comments or received a ton but I notice if it happens multiple times. To me it seems like you don’t want to engage and I honestly wouldn’t visit again.

Is there such thing as commenting too much?

This brings me to a reason why people stop responding to my comments, I do too much. If I really like what you are writing about or video content, I want to post a comment about how much I like it or just being supportive. Can you over comment? Can you comment one too many times? Is there a rule for this? Sometimes I do feel like I over comment but at the same time I’m trying to be supportive. I’m conflicted on this one lol.

If you have someone who is always commenting or supporting, visit their blog and leave a comment

This is a tricky one because I feel this is something I think should be happening. You can’t make someone comment or visit your blog if they don’t want to. I feel as if I’m commenting on your posts and liking them, you should at least visit my site and leave a comment or like back. Again I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they don’t know what to comment because it doesn’t relate to them or they have thousands of followers.

I just feel in the blogger community, we should all be supportive of each other and help each other out. I’m not sure if the number of comments help your analytics but if they do, we should be leaving each other comments every once in a while. I’ve had some fellow bloggers who’s content I really liked and commented often and there was no reciprocation from them. I could be making this to be something it is not but I just feel like once in a blue moon leave a comment or something.

I could only think of these couple of etiquette rules but I’m sure I will think of some more lol. Do you agree with there being blogger etiquette? If so, what are some rules you can add or follow? Comment below and let me know. See you guys next week!

Sometimes It’s Hard….

I often visit my old blogging platform and came across this post I did back in July. It made me think about what is currently going on and about life. Life is not meant to be easy, there are going to be some rough times. I just wanted to spread some encouragement today. Enjoy!

You know when you keep thinking of something and you just feel like you have to get it out? That was me before sitting down to write this post. I had something else planned to write but I kept thinking…sometimes its hard and it just evolved from there.

We all heard the sayings, life isn’t fair, life is hard and so on. Sometimes life can be hard but we don’t experience it for long. There are so many things that I want to do but I know I can’t do a million things at once. I can’t just pick and go anymore, I’m someone’s parent now. There are times I want to but I know things have to be planned out now. I will get to those places I want to go, just have to be patient and plan it out.

It seems like we focus so much on what is hard about life that we forget about the easy stuff. We sometimes forget about all the good things that happen and to be grateful for getting through those rough patches. You may not like your living situation but you have a roof over your head and a place to call home. You may not like the place of employment but you have an income and can say you have a job. We are somewhat taught by society to focus on those hard times, it makes us forget about the good in the world.

I remember a time that I took my son to Chick Fil A and it was super crowded. I think it was one of those days that there was no school and all the parents were thinking the same thing lol. I kept thinking we weren’t going to find a a place to sit and I know he wanted to sit inside and eat. My son asked about where we were going to sit and I said I hope we can find a seat when the woman in front of me turns around and says to her friend to save a table and she said I got you. She didn’t have to do that but it made me forget the crowded place and the worry about finding somewhere to sit. It was such a nice act of kindness. I was super thankful and so appreciative. It made me think about doing more random acts of kindness to spread more positive vibes around. We need that more than ever today.

I just want to encourage all of you reading this to think about the good more than the bad. Yes there is a lot of horrible and bad things happening but it takes a few seconds to think of something good and it could change your whole mood. 

On A Personal Note….

2019 has started out on a good note so far. I’ve been so busy with so much and can’t wait to share. I’m so happy to be seeing another year and my birthday later this month. I can’t believe I’m turning 35 this year!! How Sway?? I’m grateful for looking so much younger than 35 but I’m just thinking about how old I’m getting lol.

I’m also happy that 2018 is behind me. I’m thankful for all the lessons learned and all the people I left behind that no longer benefit me. I am ready to move forward in a more positive direction. I have to keep reminding myself to tackle things one at a time so I don’t get so overwhelmed and stressed out.

I feel like 2018 was a real teaching moment for myself. My eyes were open to so much that I did not see before. Last year came with a lot of challenges, tears, fears, meltdowns, chaos and so much more. I felt like I was walking around most of the time lost with no direction. I felt so all over the place and couldn’t figure it out until it hit me one day. I’m just so thankful for that light bulb that finally went off.

I was trying to do too much at once and push too much. I got so overwhelmed and drove myself crazy. I had to realize I can’t do everything at once. I know things will flow better once I manage my time better and have a better daily schedule. I’ll get myself back in the gym, have better eating habits, make time for my family and friends and much more. I can do it all….in moderation lol!

I don’t make resolutions anymore but my theme for 2019 is Level Up and my word is consistency. I’m ready to be a better version of Drea and stop living in fear. I’m just ready for what the rest of 2019 has in store for me.

What is your focus for 2019? What are planning to improve on this year?

Will Blogging Be Dead in 5 Years?

It is the first post of the new year! I hope everyone started 2019 on a good note.

I was listening to a podcast one day and there was the statement of blogging will be dead in 5 years and I heard the same statement on another podcast. I have been thinking about this ever since I heard it. Will blogging ever die? Will it be obsolete in the next 5 years?

It honestly made me think about it and I honestly don’t think so. People enjoy different platforms for their own preferences and I believe there will be a need for actual blogs. I know there are audio books out now but I still enjoy turning actual pages and visualizing the words as I am reading them. I would give an audio book a try but to me, I don’t think it would be the same. I also love listening to podcasts. I just started listening to them last year and just fell in love with all the inspirational and motivational messages. You would think that it is a like an audio book and I kinda contradicted myself but I feel that they are different. What do you think?

I like to watch Youtube for different hair and makeup tutorials, vlogs and so on. I know there is a lot going with the “influencer” community now and a lot being exposed but there are people still out there producing quality and honest content. I purged through my list of people I was following and if I felt they were not influencing me in there right way, I had to unfollow them. If they didn’t practice the messages of self love and respect that they were preaching to their followers, I unfollowed. I feel so good not seeing them on my feed or watching their videos and I would encourage you all to do the same.

There are people out there who like to genuinely love to read and will read just about anything. I feel that blogs are full of amazing product reviews, motivational thoughts, tips on how to navigate through life and so on. There will always be a need for blogs and that is why I think they will not be dead in 5 years. There will be people like myself who will still be reading them and people that will be coming out with amazing blogs to read.

Blogging to me is a platform where you can express yourself through words and thoughts. You want to connect with others with like minds and just build your community or following. I started my blog as an outlet to talk about things I loved and it has grown and evolved so much. Just when I wanted to stop or give up sometimes, I would get a message or comment from someone telling me how much they like my content. It is kind words and encouragement that keeps me going. I find this platform as an expression of myself and a place where I can be happy to talk about the things I love so much.

Do you agree with the statement? What are your thoughts? Comment below and let me know. See you guys tomorrow!