On A Personal Note….

I still wake up in a panic everyday wondering what day of the week it is. This pandemic has really thrown me and my family off. We never know what day of the week it is, what time it is or anything lol. I just find it hilarious but concerning at the same time. MyContinue reading “On A Personal Note….”

How To Flip A Natural Hair Fail

I took a poll on my IG stories last week asking which style I should try next. It was between finger coils and bantu knot out and the finger coils won! I was so excited to try something new with my hair, I couldn’t wait. I watched a few tutorials and was ready to tryContinue reading “How To Flip A Natural Hair Fail”

On A Personal Note…

I feel like June is trying to sneak by us too fast! Doesn’t it seem like the Summer goes by so fast? You blink and it is over just like that lol. I know so many people wait for Summer because the local beaches are open, they can have their favorite Summer treats (mine isContinue reading “On A Personal Note…”

Its Hard Not To Be Intimidated But There’s Room For Everybody

I will be coming up on 6 years on blogging in August and honestly sometimes feel I am behind and not where I thought I would be. It seems so hard now with technology changing and everything being so fast paced to keep up (wow I sound old lol). I often feel intimidated by othersContinue reading “Its Hard Not To Be Intimidated But There’s Room For Everybody”