Blogtober Wrap Up

I know Blogtober is supposed to go until the 31st but I just need to stop here. I was excited at first to be doing this but I didn’t prepare. I said I was going schedule and film everything ahead of time so I didn’t have to worry but found myself rushing to put up something the day before and even the day of and it became too much. Work is getting more demanding and I barely have time to myself at home anymore to even create or film anything. I know I sound like a broken record at times or seems like I’m complaining but I’m just being honest here.

It has been a real struggle trying to keep up with being consistent on here, being present at home, working full time and just everything. I’m learning to step away and take a break when I start to get mentally overwhelmed. I keep trying to encourage myself and be positive but sometimes that is hard. I’ll be back to my regular schedule November 9th and keep putting up posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Thank you everyone who has tuned in and read everything for Blogtober. I know I’ll be better prepared next year!

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