July Current Obsessions

I’m still questioning where June went and why its July already lol! Time is going by way too fast! I am just happy for a 3 day weekend and to have time for cleaning lol.

Today I am sharing everything I’ve been obsessed with over the past couple months. I didn’t have too many things to share but these products have been in heavy rotation lately. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel, new videos go up every Friday!

Products Mentioned

Native Deodorant

Sephora Lip Scrubber

Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Biossance Squalane Vitamin C and Rose Oil

Chocolate Kinks and Kurls Cocoa Creme Clay Wash

Chocolate Kinks and Kurls Aloe Colada Deep Conditioning Treatment

Chocolate Kinks and Kurls Pineapple Colada Hair Milk

July Monthly Goals

We are in the second half of 2020 and I know we are all hoping it goes better than the first half. I think we all had enough of what this year has presented to us far and we just want a break lol. So hopefully the rest of this year just comes in and sits down please.

I like the progress that I’ve been making with the monthly goals so far. I feel really accomplished and headed in the right direction. This month, I am mainly going to focus on taking the research and information I found about newsletters and apply them. I want to relaunch my monthly newsletter, Drea Notes in August and focus on getting things together this month.

So for July, I will be focusing on rebuilding the structure of the newsletter, design, fonts, info and just about everything. I found so much information to help improve my newsletter to better grasp my audience and keep people coming back. Another goal for July is to finish Becoming by our Forever First Lady, Michelle. I am already 10 chapters in and have so much to go. I feel like I can get through the rest of the book.

If you are not already, you can subscribe to my newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/gjPrl5

To recap the goals for July:

Working On Revamping Newsletter for August Launch

Finish Becoming by Michelle Obama

See you guys tomorrow, and yes for real this time lol. I will have a new Youtube video with my July Current Obsessions.

Black Owned Business Feature: Sugar Goddess

Can I just say how much I love Canva? It makes it so easy to create these graphics and just about everything. Anyway today’s feature is Sugar Goddess. One of my fellow natural hair blogger friends was talking this brand in her IG stories and I was intrigued so I purchased a few things to try and fell in love!

Sugar Goddess was created by Ashley who was trying to find remedies for her skin conditions. She consulted with professionals, did her own research and even became certified in holistic healing and aromatherapy. Like many of us, we just want what is best for ourselves and know about the ingredients in our products. We may not know that a lot of them are not good for us or will have bad effects on our skin. I love that Sugar Goddess uses all natural and organic ingredients. You can read the label and know what the ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, activated charcoal and turmeric powder to name a few.

I first fell in love with the body scrubs. I love how there are different scrubs for different skin concerns such as reducing body acne, improving elasticity, for relaxation and brightening the skin. Of course the main job of a body scrub is to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the dead skin cells. Sugar Goddess’s scrubs are not so rough and abrasive as some scrubs I’ve used before and they are gentle on the skin. I also love that I don’t have to follow up with lotion after using as well, it leaves your skin so soft and moisturized.

I moved on to the other skincare products such as the facial scrub, mask and lip scrub which I also love so much. Sugar Goddess also has body butters, oils and even hand soaps. I honestly just want to try everything because I know I’ll love it lol!

I highly recommend everything from Sugar Goddess. You know that it is made with all natural ingredients that are beneficial and good for your skin and body. The products are made with you in mind to help improve your skin while uplifting your mood with some aromatherapy. You can find out more about Sugar Goddess here: https://www.shopsugargoddess.com

Let me know if you pick up something from this brand. See you guys Thursday!!

June Monthly Goal Update

I just can’t get over how fast June got here and how fast it is leaving. It seems like Summer always goes by so quickly and I don’t like it lol. This year is definitely different in the midst of this pandemic and fight for equality, it just doesn’t feel like a typical Summer.

Today I am updating you on the goals I set for myself this month and how I made out with them. So how did I make out? Keep reading to get the update.

Research About Newsletters

I made out really great with this one, There is so much information about newsletters out there and I was just taking it all in. I will be relaunching my monthly newsletter Drea Notes very soon so be on the look out and make sure you are subscribed. I got frustrated with it last time and just want to better grasp my audience moving forward.

Create Youtube Intro

I honestly didn’t think I would get around to this but I did. I actually created an intro. I played around in Final Cut Pro and figured it out myself how to edit it and everything. I didn’t post a video this past Friday but the next video, it will debut lol.

Track Analytics For The Month

I am actively still doing this but this was pretty interesting. I tracked my blog everyday and my Youtube channel every week. It was interesting to see how many visitors, viewers, hours watched and new subscribers I had each day. I could tell when I actively promoted a blog post vs when I don’t. I didn’t think it was important to really pay attention to these things but I’m starting to think that it is. I noticed all the posts that people search for everyday and just how long my videos are watched when I publish them. It is all really interesting. I think I am going to continue doing this from now on.

I will say this was a pretty successful month with my goals. I really took the time to complete them and keep track of my progress. I’m really proud of myself this month!!

Do you set monthly goals? How are you making out with them? I am excited to smash some goals for July! See you guys Friday!