Let’s Talk Skincare Again but Black Owned…..

Besides being a hair and makeup product junkie, I’m starting to become a skincare product junkie lol. I am in my mid 30’s and want to keep my skin looking youthful, healthy and glowing. I feel that skincare is super important, especially if you want that smooth and flawless base before applying makeup. I haveContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare Again but Black Owned…..”

Let’s Talk Skincare…Another Update

Remember these products I talked about last month? I have been using them not so consistently lol but consistent enough to have a review on them. I haven’t used everything pictured but will talk about the ones I have been using. Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil: Main Ingredients Vitamin C: Helps increase theContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare…Another Update”

New Skincare Items

You know, I miss rolling up to Sephora every once in while and walking around. I miss swatching all the new makeup, reading about the newest skincare items and just seeing what is in the store. I always walk out with something lol (always when Fenty drops something new lol) but these days it’s aboutContinue reading “New Skincare Items”

Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In

So about that skincare challenge I was supposed to start…..at least I’m washing my face in the mornings lol. I had this plan and schedule to cleanse, exfoliate and use facial masks and just completely fell off. I know I talked about wanting my skin to improve but how is it going to when IContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In”