Bask And Bloom Skincare Essentials Demo

Just realized that this week on the blog is all about skincare lol. If you missed yesterday’s post, I gave you guys some of my skincare tips and today I am showing you a demo on a few skincare products by Bask & Bloom.

You have seen me demo their hair products and I was excited to try out their skincare line. This simple regimen is only three steps, cleanse, balance and moisturize. Let’s talk about each product before getting into the demo.

Purifying Face Cleanser

The main ingredient is activated charcoal with helps to draw out those impurities and deeply cleanse the skin. It also helps to regulate oily skin and helping you skin to have a better appearance. I really love how gentle this cleanser is and a little bit goes a long way.

Balancing Toner

This toner helps to calm your skin, hydrate and help reduce breakouts. I love how this toner comes with a spray so can control how much you apply to your face and it feels very calming as well lol. I love how this toner really sinks into the skin and helps set up the skin for the facial cream.

Vibrant Radiance Facial Cream

The last step to this routine helps to nourish and protect your skin. This cream is pretty lightweight and again a little bit goes a long way. I love how moisturized my skin feels after using this cream. Also love how radiant and bright my skin looks.

This 3 step routine has become my new morning routine. I just love how each products works with each other to help your skin glow and look so healthy. All the ingredients are natural so you know what you are putting on your skin. Now let’s jump into the demo!

So that is it for the skincare demo on Bask & Bloom. I highly recommend picking up everything lol. What are some of your favorite skincare products? Comment below and let me know. Have a great weekend and see you guys Wednesday.

Naturalle Drea’s Skincare Tips

Along with being asked about my hair and makeup, I get asked about my skincare routine. Of course black don’t crack but you still have to take care of it. Skincare is something I will spend my coins on if it helps with anti aging, moisture and brightness.

I have combination skin, an oily T-zone and everywhere else is normal for the most part. My skin tends to be drier in the colder seasons and pretty oily when it is warm outside. My skin can be very funny with certain skincare products. I normally can’t stick to one products because my skin will randomly breakout or act crazy. I’m not skincare expert but these tips I am about to share have helped my maintain my skin looking radiant and healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water

I know that this one is debatable but I believe in this one. I used to hate drinking water because it had no taste and I didn’t like to when I was younger lol. I have noticed a big difference in the way my skin looks when I started to drink more water. I normally drink 2 liters of water a day and constantly running to the bathroom lol. I know some people who drink a gallon a day, it is all your preference. I purchased this bottle from Amazon and I love it because I can infuse my water to make it more interesting. I fill the bottle up twice during the day. You can catch me normally drinking lemon water or some other combo.

Washing Your Face Morning and Night

I know some people who only wash their face in the morning and just go to bed at night. You are out all day in the environment, probably touching your face more than once, you wear makeup, if you talk on the phone most of the day, you have that receiver to your face all day and so on. You need to wash the day off basically lol especially if you wear makeup like myself.

**Lazy Tip, if you are like me and dread washing the makeup off at the end of the night, use a makeup remover wipe (I love the ones by Alcone or Neutrogena) to take off the makeup and then use a micellar water (I love the ones by Garnier and Urban Hydration) to cleanse the rest of your face. You are removing the makeup and dirt off of your face at least before going to bed.**

Also another tip is to dry your face off with a clean towel or paper towel. I was guilty of drying off my face with the towel I use for my body and couldn’t figure out why my skin was breaking out and not clearing up. You need to use something clean to dry your face or you can just let it air dry.


You really have to protect your skin, especially from the sun. You have to protect to all the time because you only get one. You want to look for a moisturizer with SPF or one to apply under your moisturizer. I am currently using this moisturizer by Neutrogena which contains and SPF. If you use any other SPF please let me know.

Treat Your Skin, Exfoliate and Masks

Besides washing your face twice a day, you need to treat your skin as well. I try to exfoliate my skin at least twice a week and use masks once a week. Exfoliating your skin helps to remove the dead skin and masks have a lot of amazing benefits such as hydration, brightening, pore minimizing and so much more. Here are a few of of my favorites.

Keep Your Routine Simple

I thought I had to use all these products and do all these skincare steps for flawless skin. I was using cleanser, toner, essence, eye cream, SPF, moisturizers, the Holy Spirit, setting mist and so on and it was beginning to become too much. I realized that I didn’t need all the extra steps for my skincare routine. I recently realized I can’t use eye creams now because I had a pretty bad reaction to one. It may work for some people and it may not work for others. You honestly have to do what works for you but your skincare regimen shouldn’t be so complicated. Just try some things out and see what works for you.

So that is it for my skincare tips. What are some tips you follow when it comes to skincare? Comment below and let me know. See you guys tomorrow!

Ole Henriksen Review

Now that I am in my mid thirties, I realized that is time to invest more into my skincare products. I am pretty picky when it comes to skincare because my skin doesn’t like everything and can easily breakout sometimes. It has been a trial and error to find products that keep my skin hydrated, has anti aging properties and doesn’t break my skin out. I think that I found a couple staple products from Ole Henriksen that I have been loving over the past couple of months.


I saw a few influencers raving about the eye creme and after reading into in, I figured it would be a fit for me so I decided to give it a try. Taken directly from the site, this eye creme is a brightening, vitamin C-rich eye crème that targets signs of aging, reducing the look of dark circles while improving concealer application and wear—inspired by makeup artist secret, banana powder.

The main ingredients in this product are Vitamin C which targets signs of aging and collagen which helps with elasticity. I have tried so many eye creams in the past that have not reduced the look of my dark circles or gave any results of improvement to my overall eye area. I noticed within a couple weeks of using the Banana Bright that it started to brighten my eye area and reduce the dark circles. I also noticed how much easier my concealer went on when I applied my makeup. I just love this eye creme and glad I found something that actually works.


I was in Sephora (like I always am lol) searching for a moisturizer to use for the warmer weather. I wanted something that was lightweight, kept my skin moisturized and had all those anti aging properties. I started the read the box on this moisturizer and thought it would be a good fit for me. I was a little hesitant to purchase because of the price but it ended being worth it.

Taken directly from the site, experience the 24-hour rush of moisture you can “C”. The daily effects of stress, fatigue, and pollution can leave skin looking dry and dull. Fight back with C-Rush™ Brightening Gel Crème. This innovative, peachy-tinted gel cream instantly illuminates and delivers an energizing burst of 24-hour hydration. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, renews youthful radiance, and visibly firms skin—but that’s not all. It even improves makeup application, creating a smooth, hydrated canvas for foundation and concealer.

I love how lightweight this moisturizer is and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. I also noticed how my skin has been looking more radiant and youthful. It also smells like oranges which is a bonus lol.


Overall, I absolutely love both of these Ole Henriksen products. They meet my skincare requirements and have improved the look of my skin. My skin so healthy, hydrated and dare I say flawless lol. I highly recommend both products if you are in the market for some new skincare. Have you tried any Ole Henriksen products before? Which ones did you love? Comment below and let me know. Have a great start to the week and see you guys Thursday!