More Than Enough Book Review

I’ll say one of the good things that came from Rona and this quarantine is the fact that I am reading more. I have no excuse now to pick up a book and read it from cover to cover. I have quite a few books that are just waiting for me to read them, getContinue reading “More Than Enough Book Review”

Book Review: Around The Way Girl by Taraji P Henson

One goal I set for myself again this year is to read more. Last year I set out to read 12 books (one book a month) and I started off strong but eventually fell off track. I realized I set a goal that was a little too ambitious and did not fit my schedule. IContinue reading “Book Review: Around The Way Girl by Taraji P Henson”

Pattern Beauty First Impressions

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the natural hair community. New products are dropping all the time and it is hard trying not to buy everything lol. When Traces Ellis Ross announced her new line, I was pretty excited about it. It took me a little bit to get around to this reviewContinue reading “Pattern Beauty First Impressions”

Shwaxx Honey Butter Review

We are so much closer to to weekend! What do you guys have planned? My son is playing basketball for the first time and he has his first game over the weekend. I am excited that he is trying a new sport and hope he does really well this season! Today I am bringing youContinue reading “Shwaxx Honey Butter Review”