On A Personal Note…

It has been a while since I’ve shared an update on me and how life in general is going. I feel like I’m back in a chaotic state of things and mentally trying to get myself together. I find myself again waking up late, rushing to get ready, scrambling to make sure my son is ready to go to school and he has everything, I’m basically running out the door so I’m not late for work and I’ve been missing meals during the day. I love what I do at work but I am not a fan of not having a set lunch break or being told to go to lunch. I watch some of the people in my office sometimes go all day without eating anything. Not too sure if they ate breakfast or not but to me it is not healthy at all. You need to take a break, replenish, get some fuel and all. I know for myself that I get in a very bad mood when I don’t eat and there was a day that I didn’t eat all day, just had coffee and water because it was that busy for me to step away and eat or grab lunch. I am finding it is not healthy at all. I am attempting to make it a point to step away, go sit in my car and eat lunch. I try to shut my door to have lunch but it is hard not to check my email or be interrupted.

And speaking of work, it has almost been 6 months here and going well so far. I find myself being triggered by other’s actions that I dealt with at my previous toxic workplace. I’m trying to work through it as best as I can but I just don’t want to find myself back in that mental place I was in before.

I’m still trying to navigate being back to work, home life and creating content. It just has been such a struggle for me lately, not too sure why. just trying to not get too overwhelmed and start spiraling again. I know I can’t rush things like this and just trying to take my time. Other than that, can’t complain too much. I’ve gotten adjusted to being a dog owner. Honestly it is like watching a toddler lol. I am enjoying it so much though, she brings a happiness that we all needed.

I am also trying to navigate how to grow on here, social media and my Youtube channel. I really want to build up my community and continue reaching others. It can be frustrating and hard at times when you feel like you have to be doing what is popular or what everyone else is doing just to grow. I’ll figure all this out too at some point but I’m glad to be back to creating again.

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure if I was going to come back to creating content or blogging or anything. I was just so over it when I took my break but glad I thought about it and didn’t give up.

Overall, life has been eh honestly lol. Just trying to stay sane and organized over here. How are you doing? See you tomorrow!

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