Black Owned Business Feature: Beaded Essences By Shari

I’ve always been intrigued by waist beads. I thought you had to be a certain size or shape to wear them. I was intimidated for the longest time until a friend and I purchased a few strings from a festival to try and tie around our waist on our own. I loved the concept atContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Beaded Essences By Shari”

Black Owned Business Feature: Sugar Goddess

Can I just say how much I love Canva? It makes it so easy to create these graphics and just about everything. Anyway today’s feature is Sugar Goddess. One of my fellow natural hair blogger friends was talking this brand in her IG stories and I was intrigued so I purchased a few things toContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Sugar Goddess”

Black Owned Business Feature: Rich Coast

I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks there has been an influx on my blog searching for black owned businesses. I know I stopped these posts a while ago but feel it is really important to bring them back. In the current state of this country, we need to uplift and support our own. IContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Rich Coast”

Black Owned Business Feature: Moisture Love

Is it me or did February just fly by too fast? It was crazy how slow January goes by and February is just like a breeze. Well we are closer to Spring and I couldn’t be more excited because it is my favorite season! Anyway, let’s get into this month’s Black Owned Business Feature. MoistureContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Moisture Love”