Black Owned Business Feature: Taura Amore

You know, I have so many natural hair brands on my list to try. I’m easily influenced by my fellow curl friends when I see their poppin’ curls or bomb definition lol. I try to refrain from buying everything until I get low in my hair product stash. Taura Amore has been on my list for a while and jumped at the chance to purchase from the brand during their Black Friday sale and I was not disappointed at all! I’ll link my first impresses demo below but wanted to really review and talk about each product I used.

Taura Amore was created in 2016 by Saleice. Like anyone else that has that lightbulb go off in their head, this brand went through so many trials and errors before it became what it is today. I love that Taura Amore promotes healthy hair care for everyone without the sulfates, parabens and other harmful ingredients. You can read the packaging and know what you are using in your hair.

I picked up a few products from the Macanet Collection for a complete wash day. This collection contains two ingredients that I have never used before in my hair products, Maca and Alkanet root. They help promote healthy hair, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and breaking and so much more!

Macanet PowerHouse Shampoo: I have to say, everything I tried from this collection smells amazing! I don’t know why but I’m big on how hair products smell for some reason lol. Anyway this shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that obviously cleans and clarifies without stripping. This shampoo is also based with raw African black soap which my hair absolutely loves! You do not need to use a lot of this shampoo to cleanse your hair as it lathers as soon as it hits your hair. It did not leave my hair feeling stripped at all and my hair was fully cleansed.

Macanet Deep Conditioner: Can I tell you much I loved this deep conditioner? There are very few deep conditioners that make my hair feel so pillowy soft and this is one of them! This deep conditioner helps to put back the moisture after using the shampoo. I love the thick consistency of this deep conditioner but it didn’t feel too heavy on the hair. I left it in for about 30 minutes with heat and I just loved how my hair felt after I rinsed it out. I think this is my favorite from the collection lol.

Macanet Leave In Conditioning Lotion: I love that this leave in was pink lol. I know so random but those little things make me happy lol. This leave in helps to hydrate hair and leaves hair feeling soft and juicy. I applied this right after I rinsed out the deep conditioner and it felt so moisturizing and my curls were poppin’. I loved the smooth and creamy consistency of this leave in and how well it worked with the styler I used.

Macanet Twist Me Cream: I don’t know why but I base if I like a styling product or not by how my signature style turns out which is a twist out lol. I decided to try a different style (twaid out) this time around and it did not disappoint at all! Like I stated earlier, this works really with the leave in conditioner for soft, hydrated and moisturized hair with amazing definition. You can use this product to basically achieve any style, not just twisted ones.

SO I loved everything obviously and I see why this brand is loved by a lot of my curl friends. You can check out Taura Amore here:

Let me know if you tried this brand before or your current hair products you are loving right now. See you guys tomorrow!

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