Youtube Fridays: Trying The Shingling Method

As I always say, better late than never lol. I know I normally have everything ready to go at 12pm but I was honestly just tired this week (that time of the month) and trying to motivate myself to even edit. I was just in a bit of mood too but I got it together.Continue reading “Youtube Fridays: Trying The Shingling Method”

YouTube Fridays: Wash Day Featuring Mane Krush

Its Friday and that means it is time for another Youtube video. I’ve been thinking about how to grow my channel lately. I’m currently at 175 subscribers (hopefully you are subscribed) and would love to get to 1k at some point. I’m reaching for 500 by the end of the year. I may have toContinue reading “YouTube Fridays: Wash Day Featuring Mane Krush”

YouTube Fridays: Using A Mousse To Style My Wash N Go

As some of you may or may not know, I also have a YouTube channel that I post videos to every Friday(make sure you are subscribed if you are not already). I would love to attempt to record and upload more videos but I’ll stick with once a week for now. I already have aContinue reading “YouTube Fridays: Using A Mousse To Style My Wash N Go”

Opulent Hair Essentials Demo

If you know me, I am a hair products junkie. I can’t help it when I see new brands I’ve never tried before or my favorite brands launches something new. I just love hair products lol. Today I am sharing a demo on some products by Opulent Hair Essentials which is a black owned business.Continue reading “Opulent Hair Essentials Demo”