Black Owned Business Feature: Swabuu

If you know me, I love a good body butter and body scrub. If it makes my skin feel nice, smooth, hydrated and soft…I’m ready sold! The first time I used these products, I was already in love because of how my skin felt and how healthy it looked. It usually takes a couple uses for me to start loving a product but this was instant so I had to share this Black Owned Business with you guys!

Swabuu was founded by Alicia V when she left her 9 to 5 and pursued working for herself and it paid off. I really admire people who have faith in themselves and their business that are brave enough to leave the corporate world and be their own boss! I also love her motto for the brand ” Smell Clean-Look Dope-Be Fly” which is all you can be today. I also love the dope hip hop references with the names of all the products, it just makes it so unique to me. Now I’ve only tried the body butter and scrub so far but I’m already obsessed!

I love the smooth and thick consistency of this body butter. It just feels so smooth when you are applying it to your skin and it absorbs like butter lol. It is not heavy feeling at all and does not sit on the skin.

I should of taken pics before I started using this but do you see this smooth texture tho!

Also, no oily residue and doesn’t stain clothes. I just love how hydrated and soft my skin feels and it stays moisturized all day. We can’t be ashy in these streets, okay! The scent of Beez In The Trap reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on but it smells so good and the scent does linger for a while. I’m excited to try of the other scents.

Now the body scrub threw me for a little loop and was a little skeptical at first. When I went to use the scrub, it looked like a body butter at first.

I thought to myself “Umm….was I sent the wrong thing” but after digging into it, I felt the fine sugar texture and felt better lol. After I rinsed off the scrub….listen my skin felt super smooth and soft! I was blown away. Also when you pair both of the together, your skin is glowing, hydrated and soft!

So yea, guess you can tell I love Swabuu lol and you should head over to their site and check them out as well right here:

What body care products are you currently loving? Let me know! See you guys tomorrow!!

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