Black Owned Business Feature: Taupe Coat

Now I know I’ve featured one of my favorite nail polish brands before but they are starting to expand beyond just nail polish. I love the concept of being a one stop shop for caring for you nails, hands and feet. I normally have to go to a few different stores for supplies to do my manicures and pedicures at home. I haven’t been to a nail salon in years and I think I gave my reasons for it before lol. I just love the comfort of doing them at home, I’m saving money and I just find it relaxing lol. I do miss the massage chair at the salon when getting a pedicure lol. I recently got to try out the new nail care system that will be launching soon and wanted to give my full thoughts. Hopefully you are following me on Instagram at naturalle_drea (and if you aren’t, I don’t know why lol) I did a full demo on all the products. So let’s hop into the reviews.

The Creme Cleanser

I never thought about cleansing my nails before starting the whole process. Yes I can wash my hands but some soaps can be harsh and drying. I love how gentle this cleanser is and how smooth and soft it left my hands feeling. And obviously it cleansed my nails and you can probably use this on your feel as well. I feel this cleanser sets you up for the most soft and moisturized hands/feet when you use the other products.

Taupe To Bottom Foot Scrub

Now I feel this scrub can be used on your hands as well as your feet. I demoed this on my hands and I instantly fell in love lol. I love that this scrub does not feel abrasive or rough like some other scrubs. It just felt so soothing and relaxing, not to mention the amazing fragrance of it lol. This scrub also foams up which is so unique. My hands felt super soft and smooth after I rinsed it off. I cannot wait to use it with my next pedicure. I think this is one of my favorites lol.

Cuticle Salve

Now I am bad with keeping my cuticles moisturized. I’ll use an oil when I do my nails and not touch it again until the next time. They seem to get dry at times and lotion alone doesn’t help. I love the packaging of this salve. As someone who knocks stuff over and spills things, I won’t do so with this lol. It feels so nice on the cuticle and sinks right in. I also love the convenience of the packaging so you can pop in your purse when needed.

The Total Moisturizer

I think this is another favorite of mine because I just loved the way my hands felt after applying this moisturizer. It really helped seal in the softness and keep my hands moisturized all day. I love how lightweight it is and how good it smells lol. (if you can’t tell by now, I love when products smell so good lol). I feel you can use this whenever your hands feel dry or need moisture. I could also use this on my feet as well.

The Taupe To Bottom Scrub is currently available on Taupe Coat but keep your eyes out for the launch of everything else. I love that now, I can shop in one place for everything I need for my at home manicures and pedicures. Thank you Taupe Coat for the allowing me to preview and demo these products, I love all of them if you couldn’t tell lol. You can check out Taupe Coat right here:

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