May Current Obsessions

I honestly have to keep reminding myself what day it is. I woke up the other day thinking it was later in the week and it was only Tuesday ugh! I’ll get it together at some point…hopefully. Today I am sharing my current obsessions on my YouTube channel. If you are new to Naturalle Drea,Continue reading “May Current Obsessions”

Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In

So about that skincare challenge I was supposed to start… least I’m washing my face in the mornings lol. I had this plan and schedule to cleanse, exfoliate and use facial masks and just completely fell off. I know I talked about wanting my skin to improve but how is it going to when IContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In”

Black Owned Business Feature: Akoyn Beauty

Happy February and Happy Black History Month! I know our culture should be celebrated everyday, year round but we put a big emphasis on February. Let’s get into this month’s feature. Akoyn Beauty was created by Nynoka Grant who started making soaps to help combat dry and irritated skin for her and her daughters. AroundContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Akoyn Beauty”