Black Owned Business Feature: Akoyn Beauty

Happy February and Happy Black History Month! I know our culture should be celebrated everyday, year round but we put a big emphasis on February. Let’s get into this month’s feature.

Akoyn Beauty was created by Nynoka Grant who started making soaps to help combat dry and irritated skin for her and her daughters. Around the time she started building her brand, it was a time where soaps were getting a bad rap for the harmful and toxic ingredients. Instead of trying to compete with the other brands, she decided to stand out and offer clean, luxury soaps that help to cleanse your skin and maintain the overall health of it.

Besides the amazing soap, Akoyn Beauty also offers skin and hair care products. I am going to review a few of the skincare products I have been using for the past couple weeks.

Golden Mud Papaya and Turmeric Facial Bar

I normally use liquid oil based cleansers for my face and I have been loving this facial bar. It helps to fight hyperpigmentation and acne. I normally don’t have an issue with acne but I do with hyperpigmentation and have noticed great improvement with my skin. It looks more radiant, bright and healthy. I just love this facial bar and will continue to use it.

Complexion Loofah Disk

I was a little scared to use this loofah disk at first. Just at first glance I thought it would be rough on my skin but it is the total opposite. I love how this disk helps to stimulate circulation, deep cleans pores and gently exfoliated and polishes skin. It is not abrasive at all and does all that it claims. I use this every day and it is just amazing.

Golden Nectar Moisturizer

This moisturizer helps to seal in moisture and soften skin. I love how lightweight and moisturizing this is and you can use it any time of the year. It does seal in the moisture after cleaning and keep your skin feeling soft.

I highly recommend all the skin care products mentions and the body soaps. You can read the label and know the ingredients you are putting on your body and know the amazing benefits. I’ll have a review on the body soap soon but head over and check out Akoyn Beauty here:

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