October Monthly Goals

It is really October now, just two more months to survive of 2020. I often joke that you could write a book on 2020 and every month is a chapter in that book. Anyway let’s get into these goals for October. Write Everyday for Blogtober on Tumblr I was debating on doing Blogtober on hereContinue reading “October Monthly Goals”

September Monthly Goals

Can you believe it is September already? Where did the Summer go? This year so far has been a lot and I know we just want to survive the rest of 2020. If you haven’t already, you should take a break from social media if it is becoming too much or just take a breakContinue reading “September Monthly Goals”

Untitled Dedication To My Melanated Girls And Queens

It honestly felt good to take a little social media break, it was starting to become overwhelming and crazy. I started to lose focus on my content and was worried about why others have more likes and views than myself. I’m always happy for others but sometimes their success can get to me and that’sContinue reading “Untitled Dedication To My Melanated Girls And Queens”

On A Personal Note…

I have been getting my life watching Moesha on Netflix! I love that some of my favorite shows are coming back especially Girlfriends. I also love that I can watch this by myself lol. Have you been watching? Well, it is crazy that we are already in August and the school year is about toContinue reading “On A Personal Note…”