Time To Celebrate.. Naturalle Drea Turns 7!!

Can you believe that 7 years ago today, I hit publish on my very first blog post? I can’t even get over that I’ve been doing this for 7 years now. I am so proud of myself for keeping that promise of never giving up and just look, 7 years in and haven’t looked back.Continue reading “Time To Celebrate.. Naturalle Drea Turns 7!!”

August Goal Update

I will say now that I didn’t really work too much on my goals this month. I had so much going on with my celebrating my son’s birthday, new demands at my 9-5 and just life. I was in a little funk this month and not feeling it at all. I was procrastinating like crazyContinue reading “August Goal Update”

Youtube Fridays: Daytime Skincare Routine

You know, it doesn’t seem like the days are running together anymore but I still wake up confused about what day of the week it is lol! Anyway its Friday and time for another Youtube video. Since I shared my nighttime routine last week, figured I would share my daytime skincare routine. I have beenContinue reading “Youtube Fridays: Daytime Skincare Routine”

Untitled Dedication To My Melanated Girls And Queens

It honestly felt good to take a little social media break, it was starting to become overwhelming and crazy. I started to lose focus on my content and was worried about why others have more likes and views than myself. I’m always happy for others but sometimes their success can get to me and that’sContinue reading “Untitled Dedication To My Melanated Girls And Queens”