Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In

So about that skincare challenge I was supposed to start…..at least I’m washing my face in the mornings lol. I had this plan and schedule to cleanse, exfoliate and use facial masks and just completely fell off. I know I talked about wanting my skin to improve but how is it going to when IContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare….Checking In”

September Current Obsessions

I can’t believe that my son is going to 3rd grade, where did the time go? I think I may cry when I drop him off at school. He also started soccer again and just getting so big. I can’t take it! Well today on the blog beside me being emotional is my September CurrentContinue reading “September Current Obsessions”

Shopping My Beauty Samples

I was out at the store the other day and Christmas stuff was out already out. I think they are really pushing these holidays too soon now. Summer isn’t even over yet and pumpkin spice everything is out too lol. I’m not going to rush the seasons or holidays, just enjoy them when it isContinue reading “Shopping My Beauty Samples”