On A Personal Note….

Well this has been an interesting start to 2020. So much has happened and has been going on, it is just crazy. Hopefully everyone is okay and doing well. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my blog, my brand and just everything. I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate more than just naturalContinue reading “On A Personal Note….”

February Monthly Goals

New Month, new set of goals! I did pretty well last month with my goals and wanted to keep the ball rolling for February. Here are my goals: Implement Blogging/Filming/Editing Schedule Create Morning Routine/21 Day Challenge to Change Bad Habits PracticePosing For Pictures/Find Angles Keep Playing Around with Final Cut Pro Find Notes From PreviousContinue reading “February Monthly Goals”

Black Owned Business Feature: Akoyn Beauty

Happy February and Happy Black History Month! I know our culture should be celebrated everyday, year round but we put a big emphasis on February. Let’s get into this month’s feature. Akoyn Beauty was created by Nynoka Grant who started making soaps to help combat dry and irritated skin for her and her daughters. AroundContinue reading “Black Owned Business Feature: Akoyn Beauty”

Life is pretty funny but always teaches you a lesson..

Growing up, I had big aspirations to be a hair dresser and have my own shop. I was always cutting and styling all my dolls hair, my parents even brought me a manichean head to practice doing hair. In high school, I would practice on some of my friends hair and I just loved it.Continue reading “Life is pretty funny but always teaches you a lesson..”