Life is pretty funny but always teaches you a lesson..

Growing up, I had big aspirations to be a hair dresser and have my own shop. I was always cutting and styling all my dolls hair, my parents even brought me a manichean head to practice doing hair. In high school, I would practice on some of my friends hair and I just loved it. I was stuck on doing this and making it happen, I didn’t have a plan B, C or D lined up, this had to work.

I knew I had to go to college to learn how to run a business and earn my degree so I could. It was a battle getting to graduation but I made it. I learned so much and thought I was equip with the tools to start up my business but then life and reality set it. I needed money to start a business, a business plan, investors, location, I didn’t have my cosmetology license and so on. I also had to be an adult and start paying my own bills and being responsible for myself. I did not expect any of this.

I thought I was going to come out of college and start building my business right away. Nope! I had other responsibilities and my life to figure out. I started working in something unrelated to my degree and drifted further and further away from my dreams. I felt discouraged and honestly just gave up on the idea of not working for myself but life was about to take me in a different direction.

In a way I am running a business with my blog and still doing hair by demonstrating it on my YouTube channel and social media outlets. In a way, I still fulfilled what I wanted to do but in a different capacity.

You may have a set plan on how you want your life to go but life and GOD just laugh at you and help push you on the path you’re supposed to be following. Its okay if things don’t work out initially because something better is coming. Never give up on your dreams and always keep fighting to achieve them.

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