March Monthly Goal Update

Well this is a crazy way to start 2020, huh? I know this is a difficult time for some of us and I hope that we all can get through this and get back to normal as soon as we can. I can’t believe April is only a few days away and we are practicingContinue reading “March Monthly Goal Update”

March Monthly Goals

I fell off on my goal last month but I am determined to get back on track. I realized that I need to make goals that are realistic to how my life is now and my schedule. I want to continue setting myself for success this year and stay focused. Here are my goals forContinue reading “March Monthly Goals”

February Monthly Goals Update

I have to say I was in a different place mentally this month. I honestly didn’t feel very motivated to do anything and really fell off this month. I didn’t finish any of the goals this month but wanted to update on the progress I did attempt to make. Implement Blogging/Filming/Editing Schedule: Now I reallyContinue reading “February Monthly Goals Update”

Speaking Things Into Existence

I am pretty sure most of you have seen this saying floating around social media or heard someone say it. “Just speak it into existence”. A while ago I had no clue what this meant and didn’t believe in it at first. I was just saying what I wanted out loud and expected things toContinue reading “Speaking Things Into Existence”