Day 9: Mani With Taupe Coat

I really enjoy doing my manicures and pedicures at home. It can a lot sometimes but it truly can be relaxing and it also saves you money. I can’t understand if you don’t have time to do this at home and go to the salon, I also love to treat myself every once in a while. One of my favorite brands, Taupe Coat is expanding beyond just nail polish and creating a one stop shop for all of your mani and pedi needs. I basically have everything to have that salon experience at home.

I was gifted the brand new 16 Piece Luxe Nail Tool set and I love it so much. Can we get into the color? It is super unique and nothing like I’ve ever seen.

All the tools are high quality, durable and just amazing. I love how I have everything I need plus some tools that I never used before lol. I am looking into what every tool does so I can put them to use. I highly recommend this tool set to have in your bag in case of an emergency or just to have in between nail appointments.

Also in today’s video, I am switching the Summer collection polishes as well. I know it is way past Summer but I feel like you can rock these colors all year round.

Promoted,P.T.O.,Be Uncommon, Side Hustle

What is your favorite nail polish color to wear all the time? Let’s chat.

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