What Would I Love To Learn How To Do?

I am someone who loves to learn and do things for myself. I love trying out new things, learning how to do something new and so on. I came across this topic on a list of blog post ideas and it made me really think about the things I really want to learn how to do. Most of these are blogging related obviously lol but let’s get into it.


This is something I taught myself how to do but I would love to learn how to edit my videos a little better. I don’t know if there are classes I can take or tutorials I can watch but I just want to do something different with my video and just try to capture my audience a little better. It is always good to change things up and do different things. Along with editing videos, I want to continue practicing editing pictures as well. I have the Adobe Lightroom app on my phone that I would mainly use. I know people who use 2 to 3 different app to edit one picture and it seems a little much for me but their pictures are always so amazing. I know one app may not be able to do everything you need so I may look into it or how to better edit my pictures.

Different Cooking Techniques

I love to cook and learned from my Grandmother and my Mom. I loved being in the kitchen with them when I was younger and just learning how to make things. I always wanted to take a cooking class and learn how to properly chop things and different cooking techniques that I would see on Food Network lol. I need start researching and find some reasonably priced classes.


Obviously I have to take pictures for the blog and for social media but I want to learn to how to really take some dope pictures. I do the best I can with what I have and everything but I want to elevate that. I’ve seen people take some amazing pictures and would love to do that myself. I’m not sure if I want to get into photography too much but would love to learn it for my benefit.

Proper Lighting

I’ll admit to be being a little lazy when it comes to lightening for my videos and picture. I mainly rely on the natural light when I take pictures but for videos, I only use my ring light majority of the time. I want to learn how to properly use lighting so the quality of my videos looks better and my pictures are more clear. There are so many different lights out there that I need to do my research on but I’ll figure it out.

Filming Techniques

Man listen, I really get inspired when I see some dope editing or filming techniques others use. The first thought that initially pops in my mind is “I wish I could do that”. I need to stop selling myself short and just do it. Again I work with what I have and can afford but would love another camera to get those multi angle shots and learn all the filming techniques I can. I just want to elevate what I do and not keep doing the same ol’ thing I’ve been doing.

I’m pretty sure there is more but these are the main things I would love to learn how to do. I want to change up how I blog, film, take pictures and edit. I’ve been doing things pretty much the same since I started blogging and just want to capture my audience and do better. I know fear of course tries to hinder me and the self doubt but no more! I just need to research and find ways to learn these things. What is something you would love to learn? Let’s chat. See you guys tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “What Would I Love To Learn How To Do?

  1. i definitely want to learn a few of the things your mentioned. Video Editing & Lighing would make a world of a difference in my post. There are so many apps out there but I get frustrated a lot when I have to do so many things.

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