Just Wanted To Share….

You know, I am starting to get used to these virtual events. I do miss being in the same room, networking, talking, laughing and just enjoying the event in person. It is different that you can’t really see who you are in the event with and you just see the speakers. I know we will get back to those in person events soon.

So last Saturday I attended XONecole’s event called Own The Shift. The title of the event caught my attention when the email dropped in my inbox and I automatically signed up. I just had a feeling I was supposed to attend and I am so thankful that I did. I loved that it was early enough in the day where I could get washed up, dressed and cook breakfast for my family before settling in front of my laptop.

The event was so amazing and it was everything I needed to hear and reaffirm. It was empowering us to own the shift in our lives and take back our power. As I was listening to each speaker, taking notes, shaking my head in agreement, there was one line and message that really stood out to me. “Give Fear A Job”. This came from Lalah Delia who is a writer, Spiritual practitioner and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily. This was my first time learning about her and that one line just blew my mind and a lightbulb went off. It changed my perspective on how I was dealing with my fear.

She broke down how to give fear a job and I was just blown away that I didn’t think of this before. My thought of pushing past my fear was to just do the thing I’m so scared of anyway. As they say, do it scared! I still had other underlying fears that I would suppress or ignore and I could no longer do that as they came louder and just took over. I needed to ask how could this fear help me, how to transform it.

At the closing of the event, it just came to me as we were clearing our minds and listening to the sound bath ( it is an amazing meditative experience where you just listen to sound bowls or relaxing sounds). I started to think about how fear could help me, how I could give fear a job and it was a moment where it just started flowing in my mind and it literally brought me to tears. Fear was something that could help me understand why I think so negative of myself, why I always self sabotage, why I keep holding myself back. It could help me figure those things out instead of causing me to still be scared. It was just a powerful moment for me.

I also wanted to share this with you if you have been dealing with fear and not knowing how to push past it, give fear a job. Let it help you figure out the root of it so you can break free from it.

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