Let’s Talk Skincare…..

I feel like it has been a little difficult to still stick to your normal routine and keep up with everything that is going on. I know that I’m thrown off and haven’t been taking care of my skin like I should be. I know my skin looks amazing sometimes on camera but it canContinue reading “Let’s Talk Skincare…..”

Don’t Give Into The Pressure

You should know by now when something is going on, I am most likely going to write about it. I know most of you have seen on social media all the posts about being productive during this time vs not being productive and being still vs do whatever you want, don’t listen to the Internet.Continue reading “Don’t Give Into The Pressure”

April Monthly Goals

It felt weird not seeing so many April Fool’s jokes this year but what is currently going on seems like one big joke. This is such an uncertain and confusing time for many of us and I hope that things start to get better and we get back to normal soon. I am still movingContinue reading “April Monthly Goals”

March Monthly Goal Update

Well this is a crazy way to start 2020, huh? I know this is a difficult time for some of us and I hope that we all can get through this and get back to normal as soon as we can. I can’t believe April is only a few days away and we are practicingContinue reading “March Monthly Goal Update”