2nd Quarter Goal Update

I just can’t get over that July will be here at the end of the week. Why does Summer have to fly by so fast, I don’t understand it lol. I also can’t get over the 2nd quarter coming to a close already and I’ll tell you now, I just let things go to focus on going back to work, becoming a dog mom and owning a dog for the first time, trying to prioritize my schedules and so on. I did this before when I was working, I don’t understand why its so hard for me to adjust now…well I didn’t have a dog before but you get the point. The 2nd quarter started off really good and went on a fast decline towards to end of May. I’m determined to get back on track the next quarter and I’ll be posting about those goals this Thursday.

Work On Making Self Care/Love A Priority, Not An After Thought

I think the issue I am having with this is not communicating to the rest of the household that I need some time to myself. Yes it was good when the guys when out for haircuts or ran to the store but I shouldn’t be looking for moments like that to have time for self care or self love. If you have kids, you know how hard it is to get some time, especially quiet time to yourself. You are always and constantly on demand. Its either when everyone is sleeping or not in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love motherhood but we need a break to recharge and refuel so we don’t continue running on empty. We can’t keep putting everyone else before ourselves but it can be hard. I just need to work on communicating that I need some time during the day to myself, uninterrupted and set that boundary.

Read Another 3-4 Books

I don’t know what happened but I started a book and never finished it. I got to chapter 6 and just stopped. I think I stopped when I started back to work in the end of May. I told myself I wanted to get back to reading and read everyday but just fell off taking care of other responsibilities. I will be working on this next quarter and get through more than one book.

Focus On Improving Mental Health

I feel like I’ve been doing well with this. Since I landed my new job, it improved so much. I was feeling so type of way when I was job searching and not getting anywhere. I was in a negative mindset and once I switched it, boom I started to get calls for interviews. I spoke positivity and confidence into myself before each interview and finally heard, “You’re hired! You got the job”! Once I switched my mindset, good things happened and I’m learning to be more positive and speak positivity over myself. I’m also unlearning everything from my previous job because I was in such a bad mental space there. I had to let myself know that I am a good employee, I am good enough, I deserve this opportunity and so on. I find myself sometimes second guessing myself or being doubtful and sometimes being triggered by actions or phases by others. I never want to go back to that mental space because it was very heavy and dark. I feel good and just need to keep moving forward.

Focus On Eating Habits, Creating Healthier Lifestyle Choices

I just started this in June and will continue to do so. I was just shocked about the 20+ pound weight gain over the past year and working through things to get back on track. I know it will be a combination of eating healthier, getting back to exercising and taking things one day at a time. I know I got this and can get back on track.

Work On My Friendship Characteristics Traits And Flaws

I think this is something I worked on in the beginning of this quarter but never came back to. I sat and thought for a while about my character traits and my flaws. I feel like my traits outweighed my flaws but the flaws seems to hit heavier. My traits are that I’m the life of the party and fun to be around, I love to laugh and have a good time, dependable, supportive, loyal, caring and concerned. My flaws are I don’t always communicate when you do something I don’t like and have trouble having those difficult conversation or confronting you, tend to sometimes flake out and not be honest about not wanting to do something or go somewhere, not always empathic or sympathetic at times and don’t always know what to say during a difficult or sensitive time. I think the biggest flaw is the communication and not being able to confront someone. I don’t like conflict with friends and just ignore things or stop talking to you. This ties into that fear I’m trying to push past and I’ll learn to have those conversations and confront others about things.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad this quarter but looking forward to doing better next quarter. How was this 2nd quarter for you? Let’s chat!

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