3rd Quarter Goals

Why is it already July?? I think I say this every year but Summer goes by way too fast for me! I don’t know about you but it needs to slow down so we can fully enjoy it. I previously shared how I made out with my 2nd Quarter goals and now moving on to the 3rd Quarter Goals. I feel like a lot of these goals are continuing to work on the ones from the previous 2 quarters and improving. Also it is crazy that we are half way through 2021 and I guess things are improving and getting better. Let’s get into what goals I’ll be focusing on for July-September.

Re-evaluate Monthly Budget And Savings Goals : Since I am back to work, I really want to set a budget for myself so I don’t overspend and also work on my savings goals. I just forgot about these things recently and need to get back on track.

Work On Weekly Schedule ( Cleaning/Laundry/Blogging/Filming/Editing): I’m not sure why I was so thrown off when I went back to work because I had a set schedule in place but I just need to try out different schedules to see what works and what doesn’t work. I feel better when I’m organized and not winging things and not working in chaos lol. I am really trying to not to film and edit videos the night before they are scheduled or scrambling to write up a blog post.

Read 3-4 Books And Daily Reading : I know I fell off last quarter but I’m determined to get back to daily reading. My goal is to read a chapter in the morning and evening.

Continue Working On Myself (Physically, Spiritually and Mentally) : Well this is self explanatory but just continuing to work myself and keep improving.

So I’ll check back in at the end of this quarter with how I made out. I’m excited about these goals and looking forward to being successful with them. Are you still working in your goals? How are you making out? Let’s chat. See you guys tomorrow.

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