September Faves! By Ms Vaughn

I was holding off from subscribing to another box until I discovered this one from Ms Vaughn. If you don’t know about Ms Vaughn, she makes amazing natural hair tutorials and vlogs. She started a lifestyle subscription box a year ago in November. I watched a few of the unboxing videos and had to subscribe. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!! So that is it for my new subscription box. Have you tried any of these products before? Comment below and let me know. See you guys Friday!    

Fearless Con 2018

It is something about being around some boss women who are ambitious, go getters, confident and just fearless that really inspires me. I love being in a no judgement zone where women can come together, make new connections and walk away feeling more empowered and inspired. This is what the Fearless Conference is all about. I had planned on vlogging during the conference but after the first speaker, I wanted to live in the moment and enjoy the conference instead of worrying about catching footage on my camera and on social media. I was on social media during the conference but it felt good to just enjoy and soak up this information I was learning. This was the 4th year of Fearless Con and I was so excited to be in attendance this year. I last attended in 2016 and had an amazing time. Fearless Con was founded by Melissa Alam who created this conference after the frustration of not

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Black Owned Business Feature: Garner’s Garden

I had such an amazing weekend! I attended the Fearless Conference and will have a recap on that next Tuesday. Today is another Black Owned Business Feature with Garner’s Garden.   I discovered this company watching a YouTube video by The Minority Report. If you don’t follow her or subscribed to her channel, you need to like now lol. She gives insight on so many products by Black Owned Businesses. She was comparing this company and another Black Owned company that sold oral care products as well. I was so interested in trying these products out and have been using them for the past couple of months. I was a little scared at first to steer away from the traditional tooth paste and mouthwash that I have been using for years but I wanted to try something different. The ingredients in these oral care products are natural so you know what is in your mouthwash or toothpaste. There is no

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Drea Daze: Fit, Focused and Wellness-September Update

So….about this month… was a bit of an epic fail. I felt like I was trying to plan to do too much and I fell off. I did not exercise not once during this entire month and I’m a little disappointed. Wait, I lied. I went to Yoga with my mom and attended a dance class one Friday. So I did a little something lol. I will be attending dance more regularly as a form of exercise. I know I can’t rush things but I really wanted to get on the right track and get back into a schedule of working out. I need to work on my time management and finding the time to work out. I am determined to do better next month. I did pretty well with the food except for those few weekends of wings, fries and other things lol. I feel like meal prepping would really work best for me. It made it easy to

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NJ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual NJ Natural Hair and Beauty Expo. I was excited because it was an event that was not too far away from home and I was attending this event with some friends. We actually turned it into a much needed girl’s weekend where we just relaxed by the pool, ate food, laughed( a lot lol), talked about life and just had a good time. The NJ Natural Hair and Beauty Expo was created by Keisha “Kei” Reeves two years ago. The event is dedicated to showcasing natural hair and beauty in the New Jersey area. There were guest speakers, hair demos and panels  It also gives exposure to small businesses as well. I really loved that all the businesses were black owned businesses. There was a good mix of hair products, body care, accessories, clothing, authors and so much more. I loved that I was introduced to businesses and

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Ivy’s Tea Co Trap Tea Subscription

Happy Friday! I am so glad the weekend is here! I have so much laundry and cleaning to catch up on lol. Hopefully I will have some time to relax. Today on the blog I am sharing what I got in my Ivy’s Tea Co subscription box. I have talked about this Black Owned Business on here before but if you are unfamiliar, you can check them out RIGHT HERE!!   CLICK HERE TO WATCH!! So that is it for my Ivy’s Tea Co box. What are you interested in trying? Comment below and let me know! Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!!   ~**Drea Notes**~ So a little update on the fitness journey…bruh I have not exercised yet lol! It has been a struggle trying to find the energy or time to do it. I’m determined to fit it in somehow! I have been pretty good with the eating (did fall off a couple times lol) but

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First Impressions Tutorial

Fall will officially be here on Saturday! It is one of my favorite seasons where the weather is just right and all the fun activities like pumpkin and apple picking. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a few makeup products that I have had in my stash and haven’t used yet. I will be trying them out and giving you my first impressions on each product.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH TUTORIAL! What new makeup products have you picked up recently? Have you tried any mentioned in the video? Comment below and let me know. See you guys Friday!!  

Shopping My Beauty Samples

I was out at the store the other day and Christmas stuff was out already out. I think they are really pushing these holidays too soon now. Summer isn’t even over yet and pumpkin spice everything is out too lol. I’m not going to rush the seasons or holidays, just enjoy them when it is time to. If you were not following me before the move to WordPress, this series may be new to you. Shopping My Beauty Samples is where I will review all the samples that I have received in my subscription boxes and other places I may receive samples like Sephora. I let you know where it came from, it if is a sample size or full size, the price point and my thoughts on the product. Let’s hop into the reviews.   Lollia At Last Perfumes Shea Butter Hand Cream Box It Came From: Onyx Box Sample Size or Full Size: Sample Size Price Point: 25.00

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A Little Reminder…

If you have kids, you would know it takes a lot of patience to deal with the falling out, not listening, talking back and so on. Sometimes it is so hard for me not to lose my cool with my son because we are in the the not listening phase. It gets frustrating sometimes but I know I need to be patient raising him (but I hope this phase is over like now lol). Just like parenting, the same rules apply to the rest of your life. Life can get pretty frustrating at times but you have to be patient that things will work out. The other day I was a little frustrated with blogging and how I was progressing. I have been doing this for 5 years and feel like I should be further along than I am. I look at some of my fellow blogger friends being asked to speak on panels, getting PR packages, sponsored content and

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Black Owned Business Feature: Mischo Beauty

It seems like Fall is trying to creep in early with the cool, rainy weather. I haven’t put my Summer stuff away yet. Today on the blog is another Black Owned Business feature. If you are new to Naturalle Drea, at the beginning of the month, I will feature a Black Owned Business that I have come across and really loved. Today is all about nail polish by Mischo Beauty.   Mischo Beauty was inspired by creator Kitiya Mischo King’s search for a safe, non toxic polish when she was pregnant with her son. She sought out to fill gap in the beauty world for non toxic nail polish that was stylish and safe to use. I honestly did not know about all the harmful chemicals in nail polish until a few years ago. I found it hard to find those polishes that were non toxic, cruelty free and came in colors that I would wear. I am thankful for

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