Sugar Goddess Beauty Fall Vibes Collection Review

Okay, so I’ve taken a moment to breathe and refresh from doing Blogtober and gearing up to do this 25 Days of Makeup Tutorials for Blogmas. I know that I need to come into this better prepared and organized. I’m ready for this challenge….maybe…..sort of….lol. Anyway can you believe it is November already? I am so ready to cook for Thanksgiving and hopefully spend some time with family if its in person or Zoom. I also need to start my Christmas shopping for my son because he is asking for a lot of popular and expensive stuff lol.

In today’s post, I’m reviewing one of my favorite brands, Sugar Goddess Beauty’s new product and Fall collection. I missed out last year on this Fall collection and had to grab something this year. I was also excited that a shower gel was added to the brand! Let’s jump into this review.

Now you already know how much I love the body butter and body scrub! I literally rave about them all the time on here, my Youtube channel and social media. I have repurchased both so many times because of how they make my skin look and feel. I was so excited when Sugar Goddess Beauty announced the new shower gel and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. You can purchase the shower gel by itself or along with one the three Fall Vibes scents. I picked up Cuffin’ Szn because I’m on this Vanilla scent kick currently lol. The other scents you can pick up is Homecoming Szn (Fall berries, Cabernet and leaves) or Wine Hop With The Girls ( Pear Riesling).

The shower gel helps to soothe and calm the skin, gently cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin. It doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and rinses clean. It has amazing non toxic ingredients such as aloe vera juice and cucumber extract. I think you already know what my thoughts are going to be on this shower gel lol. I love how it lathers and cleanses the skin. My skin feels moisturized and soft every time I use this shower gel and it does not leave the skin feeling sticky or tacky at all. I hope this shower gel line expands into the other regular scents but I highly recommend picking one or all of the shower gels up, I know I will be soon.

What are you currently using for your shower routine? Let’s chat. Hope you have a great start to your week and see you Thursday!

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