More Social Media Changes…

I am pretty sure most of you reading this have heard about the changes coming to Instagram that is once again causing a frenzy. If not, the platform recently announced it is moving towards focusing on video content, shopping and more. I’ve seen posts saying that it will not longer be a photo sharing app but you can still share photos…it won’t be the main focus of the app. I’m not sure why IG is trying to compete once again with other apps like TikTok and Youtube. I think the only change wanted was the chronological order back, not all these other changes. I have mixed feelings about these changes and about social media in general.

I miss when each platform had their own identity. I’m giving away my age but I remember being on Facebook when it was just for college students to connect. My first college roommate help me set up my account and now its open to everyone, there are stories and everything. I love Facebook to share family photos for those out of state family members we may not able to see often. I also feel like Facebook ruined the high school reunion. You can see what everyone is up to and doesn’t give you the chance to really catch up in person. I didn’t go to my 10 year reunion due to that and I wasn’t too popular in high school so didn’t want to be around those people. I remember Instagram being a place to share photos, find like minded people and follow your favorite bloggers/influencers/YouTubers and promote your blog or business. Now it seems like the platform that wants to be the all in one and be like all the others. It took me a while to get use to Twitter but I loved finding funny things to laugh at, some news and be informed about things. Pinterest helped me plan my wedding and gave me dinner ideas when I got bored. It just seems like all the platforms have stories, video features and not so unique anymore. I’m not sure why they are all trying to compete with each other now.

I feel like this was a scare tactic to get people on IG to share and do more video content….that’s what TikTok is for. You can still share pictures and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing video content all the time, you don’t have to. If picture content is still working for you, continue to do it. Please don’t stress yourself out. I honestly feel like if IG is going to cater more towards content creators, then give us the ability to have the swipe up feature instead having to stress out trying to have 10K followers just for that feature and much more. I still don’t think it is fair to us who have the engagement and strong following not to have those features. I just don’t know where social media is headed these days. Everyone is in competition with each other, trying to take out the other and it is too much. Creators just want a place to promote their brand, businesses want to gain more customers and the everyday person just wants to enjoy social media. I feel like it is not becoming enjoyable anymore and seeing more and more people leaving platforms. I don’t blame them because it is just too much. I don’t know why these platforms are not listening to us and just doing whatever they think is best. Who knows what will happen later this year or within the next 5 years with social media platforms. What do you think of all of this? What are your thoughts on social media today? Let’s chat.

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