Defining Mental Health…

In my post last week about mental health, I stated that I wanted to define mental health for myself. I know this won’t be a one time post as I am still trying to figure out what mental health looks like for me. Well according to the Oxford definition, mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional feel being. I’m trying to look at mental health as:

Your state of mind

How you view and perceive things

How you think and process things

How you handle difficult and traumatic situations

The boundaries you have set

Your mentality

When things happen, how you respond to deal with them

I’m not sure I’m thinking too much into this but I just want to understand it better for myself and learn how to deal with things when they come up or how to change my mindset when I’m going down that negative path. I just want to be in a better place mentally because most of my life has been a lot and I want to move forward with being in a good place. I feel like this will be multiple posts as I figure this out but it feels good to start somewhere.

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