Let’s Compare Old Vs New: Shwaxx Bamboo Hemp Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner

Welcome to March! I can’t believe March is here already but I am ready for some warmer weather lol! I think a lot of us are over this snow and how cold it has been! Anyway, today I am bringing you a review comparing Shwaxx’s old and new formulas of their Bamboo Hemp Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner. I previous recorded a YouTube video (last Friday) demoing the two but wanted to do a full review here. If you missed the video, I’ll link it at the end of this post so let’s hop into this comparison.

Well obviously the packaging is different. The original came in 16.9 oz bottles and the newer version is in 32 oz so you get way more product to use. The labels are also updated and different. I also noticed the scent was slightly different in the newer formula but still smelled fresh and clean. They basically have the same ingredients and benefits for your hair (which my hair loves by the way lol).

Shampoo Comparison

The original formula shampoo has a watery, thin consistency but lathered so well. You do not need a lot of it to cleanse your hair, maybe like 1-2 pumps. It leaves my hair feeling so clean and doesn’t feel stripped at all. The newer formula is sort of the same consistency but smoother and a bit thicker. It basically performed the same as you don’t need a lot (if you wash your hair in sections like I do, you can get away with just one pump of shampoo) and left my hair feeling the same way. I honestly wouldn’t mind using either one because I got the same results when I washed my hair.

Conditioner Comparison

So the original conditioner formula is very lightweight and not so thick. It has okay slip when detangling your hair and leaves feeling so soft and moisturized. I feel like I have to use a lot for my hair because of the consistency of it. Now the newer version is slightly thicker and has a more silky and smooth consistency to it. I noticed that it had way more slip to detangle my hair and left it feeling the same as the original formula. Also, I didn’t have to use so much conditioner. I would lean more towards using the newer conditioner because it made detangling my hair so much easier and I wasn’t using as much.

I have to say, I really love the newer and improved formula of this shampoo and conditioner. Plus I love that it comes in 32 oz so you will have them for a while. Also, did I mention Shwaxx is a Black Owned Business? Have you tried this brand before? What is your current favorite shampoo and conditioner? Let me know! Have a great start to the week and see you guys Thursday!!

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