A Letter To My Younger Self…..

Dear Younger Self,

You are truly amazing! I know life may seem like its a lot and nothing seems to be going your way but you have to look at the bright side of things. It may be hard to stay positive and think in that way but its not as hard as you think. You are going to go through a lot of ups and downs but you are still standing and surviving. Nothing that happens won’t break you because you aren’t given anything you can’t bare. You just needed to believe in yourself more.

You also need to tune out what people say about you, the negative and untrue things being said doesn’t even matter at all. People are just jealous and have nothing better to do than bring others down and its nothing against you. People are just so negative that they can’t stand to see others so happy and living their best lives. Its hard to not get upset about what is being said about you but you know your truth and know those “rumors” aren’t that true. I wished you learned that what ignorant things others say don’t matter at all and it should never break you or make you feel any less of yourself.

You had some amazing dreams that you just gave up and let go. You wanted so much for yourself and shouldn’t of let those dreams die. They were amazing dreams that could of came into existence if you just believed in yourself and kept going. You gave up too easily when the road got rough and letting others deter you from your dreams. Its a shame that you let other miserable people get in the way of your goals and dreams and you got in your own way. I wish you didn’t always doubt yourself and your abilities, you could do just about anything that you put your mind to. I just wish you didn’t give up without exhausting all avenues of reaching your goals. Even though you didn’t have much of a support system (and still really don’t) you had yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader, supporter, motivator and just everything. Just know that you are loved and are not a failure.

Would you write a letter to your younger self? What would you say or tell yourself back then?

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