Maintaining Your Mental Health

I think I wrote something last year around the time this pandemic started about how to stay organized and staying sane. I just can’t believe we have been in this for about a year and I think most of us are fed up and over it at this point. I know many of us were thinking that when 2021 hit, things would magically go back to normal but this year seems like a continuation of 2020. A lot is still going on and it can be hard to stay positive. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, wearing masks, wondering if this virus will ever go away and things will sort of go back to the way they were. This can be a lot for anyone and your mental health and well being is so important. I just wanted to share some things that have helped me during this time because it hasn’t been easy at all. I’ve had my days where I want to crawl back into bed and not face the day and I have my good days. Some of these tips may or may not work for you but they have definitely helped me.

Journaling – This is something that I started last month and I don’t know why I haven’t started before. I know I was using Tumblr before but it didn’t feel private enough for me. I couldn’t really say what was on my mind or talk how I wanted to without the fear of being judged or criticized by others. I have deleted my account and dove into my own personal journal. Whenever I feel upset, stressed or just need to get some thoughts out, I pull out my journal, try to find a quiet space and just write. I feel safe writing whatever I feel and it just makes me feel so much better.

Do Things That Make You Happy, Brings You Joy – This may be hard if some of those things are unreachable now but it can be something simple as making your favorite meal, enjoying your favorite tea or coffee in peace, binge watching your favorite show or movie and so on. I love when I see my favorite movies on TV, I just get so happy to watch it. I also love diving into my favorite shows on Netflix that I used to watch. I already finished Girlfriends, Half and Half and The Game and just getting back into Sister,Sister. Being able to watch a few episodes uninterrupted brings me so much joy.

Time Off Social Media – I know this may be a hard one but social media these days can be so overwhelming and triggering. You can find yourself doom scrolling for hours and hours and it can’t be too healthy. I have been trying to block off times during the day where I’m on social media and making it a point to do other things so I’m not scrolling forever. I know some phones, you can set a time for being on social media which can be helpful. It has been a bit of a help.

Your Definition Of Self Care – Self care can be whatever you define it as. It can be taking a bubble bath, indulging in your favorite wine, reading, working out, online shopping lol. Self Care looks different to a lot of people and you should be doing more of it. I know I can’t practice self care everyday but I do so a couple times a week, especially when I’m having a bad day.

Quiet Time/Meditation – It has been a little hard for me to enjoy some of this because its not quiet all day but when I can steal a moment of quietness, I will sit in the stillness for as long as I can. This is can be easier for some of you who may not have kids or a busy household but it really does help. If you feel yourself getting upset or stressing over work, step away for about 5 minutes if you can. Close your eyes and just breathe and try to clear your head. If you need more than 5 minutes, please do so.

I hope that some of these tips helped you or please add on things that have helped you.

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