Have I Been Authentic This Whole Time?

*** I actually started drafting this back in October lol***

You are probably thinking “Girl, what are you talking about now, this sounds crazy” but as I am sitting here checking emails and other stuff, the thought just hit me. Have I been authentic this whole time? I am pretty sure you have heard this word just about everywhere, especially with being a blogger and content creator about being authentic with your audience, your content and with yourself. But what does that really mean?

After doing a little Google search, I found that being authentic is that you act in ways that show your true self and how you feel. You express your whole self genuinely rather than just showing a particular side. Seems pretty self explanatory right? Just show people who you truly are and how you really feel but it was not so simple for me at first. I’m usually protective over what I want to share with people.

I’ve been struggling to show up as my full authentic self for years. I’m the goofy, funny, slightly quirky girl who has a big heart and wears her emotions on her sleeves. I take things personal and very emotional at time. I’m the type of person who reads the room before I actually put myself out there because I’m not sure how people are going to take me or accept me. I’ve dealt with rejection of others because of how I am and I honestly needed to learn that I’m not for everyone. I’ve been trying to be what I think will be accepted or won’t come off as annoying or make people look at me side ways.

I’m different and unique for a reason and I love myself. I had to grow to really love me but I really do and wouldn’t want to be anyone else. You can take me or leave me as I am because I shouldn’t have to shrink or not act like myself to feel comfortable. Sometimes I feel like I wasn’t truly being my authentic self with you guys but I’m showing up as myself now. I’m letting go of what others think and honestly don’t care anymore. If you like me or don’t like, I’m still going to show up as myself.

So I encourage you reading this, if you have been struggling like I have to be yourself and be authentic to let go of being accepted and just be you. Be happy. There are people who are accepting of you just the way you are! See you guys tomorrow!

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