2020 Taught Me: I Really Need To Set Boundaries

I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year and just thankful. I am learning from my mistakes and building from them which includes never setting boundaries with people. I’m always way too nice and just let people do whatever or talk to me however and when I try to put my foot down, I’m the mean person.

A lot of people take my kindness for granted and I only tolerate so much from people. I’m bad at being confrontational or approaching someone with an issue and I honestly just ignore it or act like it’s not happening. I just don’t like causing issues or talking about difficult things especially with friends or people I’m really close with. I’ve never been that person but I need to really start setting boundaries. I can’t let people walk over me or get away with being disrespectful and so on. I’ve let people get away with way too much and it honestly needs to stop.

I have to learn that I need to have those difficult conversations with people and let them know how I feel about their actions and what I will no longer tolerate. I’m just way to comfortable with just distancing myself from that person and just letting it go without respectfully confronting them. There were some people I really needed to distance myself from anyway but just staying silent and not talking wasn’t the way to go about it.

I know this is going to be really hard but I need to start setting boundaries. I need to be more vocal about what I will and will not put up with or tolerate and can’t be afraid of other’s reactions. How are people going to know how I feel if I don’t say anything? How are people going to know that I don’t like how they treat or talk to me if I don’t let them know? People are not mind readers and I need to work on opening those lines of communication, even if the conversation will be uncomfortable. Boundaries are super important for not only myself but the people around me. Setting boundaries is going to be difficult for me to do but if I don’t start now, I’ll never do so and keep complaining about it.

How have you set boundaries with others? Have you had difficulties with setting boundaries with others? See you guys tomorrow!

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