What Is Going On With Social Media Now??

I had another post planned for today but since all these updates have been going on, I had to write about this. I honestly don’t like the direction social media is going in. Every platform is starting to look the same, do the same thing like they don’t have those individual identities anymore. It seems like each one is trying to up the other by adding features they normally don’t have like Twitter for example. They recently added “Fleets”, their version of stories like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn (which I still don’t understand why) have. I’ve seen people talking about how its over for Instagram because they don’t like the new update and so on. And by the way, I wasn’t too keen on the update either because of all the bottom changes but once I figured out where everything was, I was good and it doesn’t seem that bad.

I’m not trying to come off as complaining but this is not a good look to me. Each platform had their own identity and people used them for different reasons. I remember being on Facebook when it first started and it was only for college students. You could connect with students from where you went to school and other schools. Then it came open to everyone and it has truly evolved over the years. Instagram was just for sharing pictures, then the short videos came, then stories, IGTV and now you can basically shop on the platform now. Twitter was just expressing yourself through words if pictures were not your thing. You could have chats with others and just have fun. Snapchat was for those fun filters, voice changers and just detailing your day through pictures and short stories. Now it seems like every platform has the same exact features and functions with no real distinct identity.

I am all for these platforms going with the ever chaining technology, introducing something new and innovative but this is becoming too much. I have more interaction and engagement with Instagram than I do with my Facebook group page. I use Twitter just for entertainment or when I need a good laugh, didn’t have much success with my blog on there. and Facebook for me is just for sharing pictures of my family. I also find it funny that some of these feature that have been recently added are things we haven’t been asking for. I know a lot of people including myself want the chronological order back on Instagram and the ability to edit tweets after posting them on Twitter.

I feel like this is going to make it hard for those who blog and create content full time. People are leaving certain platforms where they perform the best and it would be hard to start on a new platform to regain your audience. I’m not sure the directions these platforms are going in but it seems like so many people are not too happy about it. There are others who do see the bright side of all this. You have new platforms to share you content and build which I can understand. There are some people who have the capability to do that and I commend them for rolling with the changes and adapting.

For me, I am just going to stick with what I know and what I have been doing. I am still reaching people and still enjoying doing this content for fun. I am just interested to see how this all works out, how people will start shifting and navigating with the changes. I’ve already a few people jump ship from IG and posting on the new Twitter fleets. I just hope everyone can still be successful and do well with these changes.

So what do you think about all this with social media today? Is it a good or bad look? Let me know! See you guys tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “What Is Going On With Social Media Now??

  1. I completely agree. Social media, nowadays, seem to be cluttered with ads and without a clear objective for use. I’ve never been on IG, Snapchat, Twitter…they just never appealed to me. I’ve been on FB for years (was the last one in my circle to actually try it years ago). I’ve deactivated, reactivated, changed names/accounts when fresh to it and had over a thousand and something “friends”. However for the past year, I get on FB for 3-5 reasons which is to link one of my game apps, check deals on marketplace, respond through messenger when friends/family message me, occasionally share a blog or YouTube video I find interesting or watch videos from Steve Harvey and/or T-Dub. I’m nearing 40 and really don’t want to keep reading or even seeing ppl post about their negative day, situation, what they ate for breakfast/lunch, whether they’re going to be drunk or high later or in the present, FB warriors who like to “fight” with words and emojis just drama. Facebook is definitely not what it used to be. The only social media platforms I believe are still worth something would be YouTube (can learn how to fix anything, watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, tune into church services, anything) and Pinterest (for about the same reason). I’m also glad that my teenager only watches YouTube…there’s so much mess online it’s not even safe for kids to even interact in the same ways as adults. smh…so yep not looking good for social media. A teenager actually told me a few months ago that “Facebook is for old people like my grand momma got a account on there and don’t nobody want they grandma seeing what they do”.

    Also, have you noticed the change with businesses too and how they operate? Meaning, they too have evolved but I don’t think all growth is a win. Like back in the day, remember when people had to physically complete paper applications to get a job…cue technology and in walks a way to close out those who aren’t computer literate. Next up, all social sites went from let’s contact one another as long-lost friends to ppl over-running the sites with sexual connotations and hookups cue the businesses putting the media sites on their websites as another way to remain relevant and in walks businesses making it mandatory to have a social media account to “connect with them”. In the end, in my opinion, these sites, businesses, and people who are addicted to their services are only looking to clench onto the next big hype…it’s a must-have for some but really it’s just another means of separation/division and holding onto the next fix offering instant gratification. Thank you for this post. It’s a good read.

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    1. For clarification: I am not referencing bloggers and/or vloggers when I mention businesses. I’m all for making moves to take care of home. I think it’s sad that these sites make new rules for content (even YouTube) just so they can pay yall less. Their next big thing is chipping away at how yall make a living and it’s not right.

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