Black Owned Business Feature: Rich Coast

I’ve noticed in the past couple weeks there has been an influx on my blog searching for black owned businesses. I know I stopped these posts a while ago but feel it is really important to bring them back. In the current state of this country, we need to uplift and support our own. I will start these posts up again once a month and go from there. So let’s talk about Rich Coast.

I first came across this brand last year at the now Natural Hair Coalition, you can read about the event here:

I was drawn to all the bright and beautiful colors on the table and started looking around. I noticed the really cute headbands and decided to pick up a couple. I should of gotten more because I am obsessed with them lol.

Not only are they cute, they are very comfortable to wear. I normally don’t like wearing headbands because they feel too tight or they are just uncomfortable. I love how the fabric is pretty stretchy so you can fit it over you hair, especially if you have a lot like myself. You can rock this headband in so many different ways. I usually hide my bad hair days or to accessorize my look for the day.

I also love how wide this headband is. Most headbands for natural hair that I come across are not this thick. It really helps again with hiding a bad hair day and looks so cute with a bun or high puff.

Rich Coast not only has these amazing headbands but they are currently selling masks, bonnets and turbans. There is a color, pattern and style for everyone. Please support this black owned business. You can find them on IG at @rich.coast and shop directly on their site here:

Let me know If you pick something up or a black owned business I should check out. Hope everyone is doing well and see you Thursday!

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