3rd Annual NJ Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

It seems like Summer is still trying to stick around lol. I was ready to pull out my cute Fall clothes but I guess I need to hold off for a bit. Today I am recapping last weekend at the NJ Natural Hair and Beauty Expo.

I did attend the event last year and you can read my recap right here: https://naturalledrea.com/2018/09/25/nj-natural-hair-beauty-expo/

I was not only an atendee this year, I was part of the expo! I am so thankful to Kei Reeves for asking me to be part of the Blogger Breakfast along with some other amazing ladies! I am so grateful for these opportunities and this was my first official speaking engagement!
Saturday’s Recap

The first day was full of panels, hair demos and shopping of course lol. I love how the expo showcases Black Owned businesses. You get to meet so many businesses that you may not know about and support a small business owner. There was enough room this year to walk around comfortably and be able to pay attention to what was happening on the main stage. There were multiple rooms full of venders selling hair products of course, body care items, acaccessories, clothing and so much more. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you are not…umm you should be lol naturalle_drea) I have a highlight on my page of the event and purchases I made.

I really enjoyed everything the first day and could not wait for Sunday!

Sunday’s Recap

This was the day of the Blogger Breakfast and I was so excited! I really loved how intimate the breakfast was so it was not too overwhelming. I loved meeting everyone and hearing about their natural hair journeys. We answered questioned and just talked about all things hair. I was actually nervous before this started but the nerves subsided after a while.

Meet The Bloggers

After the breakfast, I took some pictures, walked around again and caught a panel or two before heading home. The event was such a success and I was so glad to be part of it. I’m speaking being on a panel into existence for next year lol.

I cannot wait for next year and I really encourage you to attend if you have not. See you guys tomorrow!

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