Being Transparent

This is a 20 something Drea. I have been trying to “snap back” to this body for the past 7 years.


This was a time when I could eat anything and everything and had such a high metabolism. This was also a time when I had all the time in the world to be in the gym and workout. I remember my Mom saying to me that eventually my metabolism would slow down one day and of course I thought it wouldn’t. I thought I would keep this figure forever (insert evil laugh).

If you didn’t know, I have a 7 year old and I gained a little over 50 pounds with my pregnancy. I had a fear that I wouldn’t snap back and be the same size again. I dropped the 50 plus pounds I gained and was so happy I could fit in my jeans again. I continued to workout and be active. I was still striving for those abs I once had. I also wanted to wear a two piece again.



This was 4 months after having my son.

Fast forward to now when the job is super demanding and you are too tired to workout when you get home. You try to wake up super early to workout but your child breaks your sleep in the middle of the night and you rather catch those extra minutes of sleep so you can function at work. It became so hard for me to motivate myself to workout and made excuses on why I couldn’t make time. I knew I had time in my schedule to workout but just didn’t do it. I tried to eat as healthy as I could but who would turn down free donuts at work lol?

One morning I realized my Mom was right, my metabolism did slow down. I was getting ready for work when I could not fit not one but two pairs of pants that I was able to wear a few months ago. It made me a little sad but I realized also I couldn’t be in that 20 something body again. I brought life into this world and my body has changed. I loved the extra little curves and getting a little thicker( I wished my boobs post pregnancy stayed lol) but it was the mid section I was unhappy about. Most of the clothes in my closet were tight and form fitting. I started to shy away from wearing those things because I didn’t like how they looked or they didn’t fit anymore.  I could sit here and complain or do something about it.

I know that I need to fit exercising into my schedule but I need to make other changes to how I eat. I already drink about 2 liters of water a day and cut out the daily coffee habit by switching to tea. I don’t need to “diet” just change some eating habits. It is hard to stay away from certain foods that I love so much but I’m trying to be slaying when I turn 35 next year.

I came up with this idea to start on my own fitness/health journey. I am going to do my research and start in September with a journey to a healthier me. I just want look in the mirror and be happy with what I see and be my own goals. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get those abs back but I want to get close to it. I took these pictures of myself last week when I actually went to the gym as motivation. It’s my motivation to work hard to become a better version of myself.

Of course I was apprehensive about sharing these but I want to be transparent about this and really commit to this journey. I’m not sure what I’ll be calling this series yet but I’ll have a name by the time I start next month. What are some of your healthy tips? How do you motivate yourself to stay active? Comment below and let me know. See you guys Thursday!

~**Drea Notes**~

Vacation was everything last week! My family really enjoyed the time off. I wasn’t ready for Monday lol!

I can’t believe that September will be here in like two weeks. Please don’t go Summer lol!


4 thoughts on “Being Transparent

  1. Making a committment is half the battle. Keep in mind if you fall of track don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track the next day or the next meal. Be happy with you no matter what jean size you wear.

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  2. I haven’t even had kids yet and this has happened to me. I weighed about 138-140 for most of my early to mid 20s. Back then I thought I could be skinnier and wasn’t happy with how I looked. I ate somewhat low carb and exercised 3-4x a week. Fastforward to 2014 I had a major life change and dropped a TON of weight. Mainly because I wasn’t eating much at all on a daily basis. I went down to 125lbs. I wasn’t even this skinny in high school. So then I had a crazy summer and ate like shit and binge drank. I got up to 165lbs. 4 Years later I am drinking more than I did in my younger years but still working out 3-4x a week doing MORE cardio and eating somewhat low carb (I obviously cheat sometimes). I have been stuck at 155 for a couple years now and I can’t get down lower than that without starving myself. It sucks so bad and I don’t know if I should just accept this weight or be miserable working out 5+ days a week and cutting out even more food just to be happy with how I look.

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