Make Silent Moves

You know when you are a kid and you accomplish something really major like make the honor roll or got accepted into the university your dreams, you want to go and tell everyone and anyone who would listen. Your family would be so proud and also go tell others about your achievements. There would be no judgement or someone downplaying you, it was nothing but praise and uplifting.

Today when you have good news to share, there is always someone who is hating, telling you that your dreams are impossible to reach, that you are out of your mind and so on. It not only comes from “associates” or so-called friends but from your own family members. It is sad that now you really can’t share your dreams and aspirations with people, you just have to move in silence. You have to make those moves in silence and just show people the outcome later.

I had to learn the hard way that I can’t tell everybody everything or tell people my goals. I’ve confided in someone people and I hear my business out in the street afterwards. I had to learn to just do all the hard work in silence and boom just show people. It can be really discouraging when you thought people were in your corner, who you thought supported you are really not for you and jealous of your success. You really need people in your circle who will motivate you, give constructive criticism, support you, repost you and so on. If you have people in your circle who constantly down play your goals, seem jealous, never support anything you do, it is time to let those people go. I have started distancing myself from certain people because I felt they weren’t beneficial to my circle.

I believe that there is room for everyone to be successful, you may not have the same path but the destination is the same. I just wanted to encourage you to go for your goals and dreams and don’t let others discourage you. Keep making silent moves.

Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Make Silent Moves

  1. Thanks for sharing you thoughts and feelings. Don’t let the haters keep you from shouting from the rooftop how you’re feeling, good or bad.
    But i do understand. Keep making you silent moves.
    PS- you should put that on a t-shirt

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  2. Okay so I was wondering why you weren’t posting and its because your old blog is still linked to your bloglovin account! I had to add your new blog onto the database because it wasn’t coming up. I feel you on this though. I started my Younique Business back in June and I was so excited and still am so excited about it. Some of my family and friends haven’t been as supportive as I though that they woudl be including my mom and sister. It’s really kinda disappointing.

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