Drea Daze: Fit, Focused and Wellness-September Update

So….about this month…..it was a bit of an epic fail. I felt like I was trying to plan to do too much and I fell off. I did not exercise not once during this entire month and I’m a little disappointed. Wait, I lied. I went to Yoga with my mom and attended a danceContinue reading “Drea Daze: Fit, Focused and Wellness-September Update”

Drea Daze: Fit, Focused and Wellness

If you read my┬áBEING TRANSPARENT┬ápost (if you haven’t, you should go read it lol) you would know I just started on this health/fitness journey. I just want to be a better, healthier version of myself. I don’t want to drop too much weight, I just want to be happy with how I look in myContinue reading “Drea Daze: Fit, Focused and Wellness”

Being Transparent

This is a 20 something Drea. I have been trying to “snap back” to this body for the past 7 years. This was a time when I could eat anything and everything and had such a high metabolism. This was also a time when I had all the time in the world to be inContinue reading “Being Transparent”