Taupe Coat: The Matriarchy Collection Review

I’ve been doing my nails at home for a few years now. It is so relaxing and I’m saving so much money. I’ve also been on the hunt to make my entire nail polish collection from Black Owned Businesses and I’m featuring one of my favorites today. Taupe Coat is one of my new favoriteContinue reading “Taupe Coat: The Matriarchy Collection Review”

Drunk Elephant Skincare Review

I have heard so much about this brand and how great the skincare products were. I wanted to try some things for myself but the way my budget was set up lol. I was excited when this duo was an option at Sephora for your birthday gift. I’ve been using both products for a coupleContinue reading “Drunk Elephant Skincare Review”

Fancys Hair Innovation: 4 Week Journey Review

When I started on my natural hair journey over 10 years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I needed to take care of this hair that was once relaxed and it was a journey. I watched countless YouTube videos, did a ton a research online, tried a whole bunchContinue reading “Fancys Hair Innovation: 4 Week Journey Review”