Speaking Things Into Existence

I am pretty sure most of you have seen this saying floating around social media or heard someone say it. “Just speak it into existence”. A while ago I had no clue what this meant and didn’t believe in it at first. I was just saying what I wanted out loud and expected things to happen. I thought all I had to do was just put it out in the universe and it would come back to me. Little did I know, you have to put some work behind what you say.

The more I learned about speaking things into existence, the more I learned about having to manifest your vision, put the work in and so on. You can’t ask for something to happen if you are not in a position to receive it. You can’t ask for 10,000 followers on IG if you can’t engage with the 100 followers you already have. And on a side note its crazy that I have to work to gain that many followers just to have the swipe up option. It should be open to all content creators,bloggers, YouTubers. If the engagement is there, we should have access to it. It would make our lives so much easier for our followers to read or see our content. I just think it sucks by the way cause I don’t think I’ll reach 10K anytime soon. Anyway…

You have to work and get yourself ready for what you are asking for. I had to learn this the hard way and still learning my lesson about this. I tend to ask for a lot but I’m in no position for half the things I’m asking for. I look at others which I’m not supposed to and feel some type of way but instantly remember that this person worked hard to reach that milestone or position at their job.

I just want to encourage you to keep speaking those aspirations, goals and dreams into existence. Keep working hard and putting in that work until it manifests. I’m rooting for all of us to win and be successful, we got this! Just a small reminder to not get discouraged when things don’t happen right away, it may not be the time for it to happen or you may not be in position yet but it will come.

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