February Monthly Goals Update

I have to say I was in a different place mentally this month. I honestly didn’t feel very motivated to do anything and really fell off this month. I didn’t finish any of the goals this month but wanted to update on the progress I did attempt to make.

Implement Blogging/Filming/Editing Schedule: Now I really need to revisit this one. I set the schedule but it honestly wasn’t realistic to how my life is. Unexpected things happen, there are games, practices, outings and so on. I really wanted to work at not sitting up the night before a video is supposed to go live and uploading footage, editing, voicing over and so on. I wanted to have things scheduled and ready to go. So I need to rework this schedule to realistically fit.

Create Morning Routine/21 Day Challenge to Change Bad Habit: I created the morning schedule because I was tired of my mornings starting off in chaos and just not being so organized. I had it all mapped out to preparing the night before and everything but didn’t really execute things. I don’t think the schedule I made was unrealistic, it was throwing myself into it at once without taking things one step at a time. Next month I plan on breaking down this schedule and working on it pieces at a time before trying to execute this.

Practice Posing For Pictures/ Find Angles: I did work on this a bit and think I found my angles. I will continue to work on this as well.

Keep Playing Around With Final Cut Pro: I don’t know why I’m so intimidated by this, I wanted it so bad and it just seems so confusing to me. I know iMovie is like a step down and I think I mastered using that. I’ll get to using it soon.

Find Notes From Previous Events and Put In One Place: I never even got around to this one. I know where everything is but just didn’t execute this.

This month wasn’t a total failure but I feel like I could of done better. This month was just an off one for me but it will get better. What are some goals you set for yourself? Did you accomplish them or fall short?

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