March Monthly Goal Update

Well this is a crazy way to start 2020, huh? I know this is a difficult time for some of us and I hope that we all can get through this and get back to normal as soon as we can.

I can’t believe April is only a few days away and we are practicing social distancing. Let’s see how I made out with my March goals.

Work On Implementing Budget/Savings Goals

I feel like I was pretty successful with this goal. I need to manage my funds a little better and have been following both this month. It seems to be easier with this quarentine and social distancing because I’m not out as much and limiting my online spending. Plus I’m not driving so it is easier to save. Even when this is lifted, I will still continue to save and spend less.

Get Back To Daily Writing, 10-15 Minutes A Day

The only way you are going to get better at something is if you practice, right? I started my Tumblr account a few years ago as an outlet to get thoughts off my mind and to practice writing. I have been keeping up for the most part and maybe some of what I write will become a future blog post at some point.

Research How To Use Pinterest For My Blog, Work On Cleaning Up Boards

There is so much info about Pinterest that I didn’t know about since I’ve been on the platform. I used it and create a board for when I was planning my wedding and to save recipes that I want to try but I didn’t think to use it for my blog. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that it has really beneficial and has helped drive their blog traffic.

I have done the research and think I could benefit from it as well. It seems like a lot to make that perfect pin that someone will click on and save. It just seems like a lot of pressure but all you have to do is try. I also cleaned up all the boards I have on Pinterest and made them so much neater.

I will update you on the next set of goals for April soon. I hope everyone is doing okay during this time and we will be okay.

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