Faves! By Ms Vaughn Unboxing

Okay…so I managed to put some kind of Christmas decoration up but I still need to finish my shopping and wrapping presents lol. I’ll get it together before Christmas lol.

Today I will be unboxing the one year anniversary box of Faves! By Ms Vaughn. I am a little late to this subscription box and I don’t know why I waited so long to subscribe lol. You can see my previous unboxing here: https://naturalledrea.com/2018/10/11/september-faves-by-ms-vaughn/

So that is it for my unboxing of Faves! By Ms Vaughn. Which products are you interested in trying? Comment below and let me know. I will be back with another post tomorrow so make sure you check back!

Ivy’s Tea Co Unboxing – Winter

Can you believe that Christmas is next week?? I haven’t finished my shopping or decorated anything lol! I am usually a last minute shopper lol. 

Today on the blog I am unboxing another Ivy’s Tea Co Trap Tea Subscription Box. This one is for the Winter and has some of the year’s best sellers. Enjoy and make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel if you are not already!

So that is it for the last Trap Tea box of the year. Which tea are you interested in trying? Comment below and let me know. Also make sure you check out the site http://www.ivystea.com 

See you guys Thursday and Friday this week!

Black Owned Business Feature: PUR Home

I was so excited when I discovered a Black Owned company that sold household cleaning products. I honestly thought I would not be able to find one but it seems like there is more of an outlet for discovering Black Owned companies. I discovered PUR Home on Instagram and loved that their products used non toxic ingredients and eco friendly. 

I have the old packaging here

PUR Home was created by Angela and Michelle Richardson who’s mission is to create safe and natural household products for everyone to use. The ingredients used in all products are plant based and biodegradable. The company is also Leap Bunny Certified.

I have been on the hunt for more non toxic and friendly products to use around the house since I have a child who is in everything lol. I didn’t want to keep using harmful products around my home and it was hard finding those safe and effective products.  PUR Home had everything I was looking for and more. 

I also love that their containers are recycle friendly and their laundry detergent packing can be composted (not the one I have pictured above). I love that PUR Home now has an all in one concentrate that you can basically use to clean your entire house (I will be picking that up soon lol). 

Overall even if you aren’t a mom, you should have clean and environmentally friendly cleaning products in your home. I highly recommend everything from PUR Home. You can check them out right here: https://pur-home.com

So that is it for this month’s Black Owned Business Feature. What are some of your favorite household cleaning products? Also if there is a Black Owned Business I should check out, leave it in the comments. See you guys the week of the 16th. 

~**Drea Notes**~                                                                 

Once again my son has this huge Christmas list full of toys lol. I wonder who is buying all these toys..

No Vlogmas for me this year. I don’t have too much going on and I’m just enjoying watching everyone else’s lol.


2018 taught me…..

I just can’t get over that it is already December and it will be 2019 before we know it. I did start my Christmas shopping but still need to finish up and actually wrap stuff lol. 

I am so excited for the new year and what it has to bring. I am always thankful to see another year and learn from the lessons that the previous year taught me. 2018 was all about learning about myself and getting to really know who I am. I spent most of the year stressed out, overwhelmed, just over everything and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me until one day, the lightbulb turned on. I realized what was really going on and found the source of why I was feel this way. I just felt so relieved and thanked GOD for showing this to me. 

I would make these impossible “To Do” list that I never completed or even got to, made all these goals I knew I could not get to in the time frame I set and asking for too much when I prayed. I just got so frustrated and upset with myself all the time and just wanted to figure out why I could never get to anything or accomplish anything. It just drove me crazy until I realized I was doing way too much. I needed to take a step back and slow things down. I needed to tackle things one at a time and just go from there. I needed to focus on doing one thing at a time and not praying for so much at once. I started to feel so much better about myself and how I was going to move forward. 

I also learned the importance of having a tribe that supports, motivates and uplifts you. They are always there to hype you up, call you out on your shit and always wanting to see you succeed. You would do the same for your tribe. I always didn’t have that and started to realize it with some people I associated myself with. I would often get super frustrated when most of them wouldn’t support my side hustle and I saw other people promoting and reposting their friends. I wondered why some people didn’t do that for me. The tribe I’m starting to build are people that benefit me and I get positive vibes from. We uplift each other, always there for each other, bounce ideas off of each other and so on. It just feels good for once to be around others who want to see you be great and I want to see be great as well.

2018 also taught me that I need to be more fearless and bold. I attended The Fearless Conference ,BlogHer and The Bold Experience which really motivated me to be a better version of myself. I was holding myself back and feared that things wouldn’t work out. I started to doubt myself as a blogger due to being influenced in the wrong way and always looking at others. I didn’t think I was good enough in any aspect of my life but hearing from some bad ass, confident, strong women motivated me to think different. I realized that I can do anything I put my mind to, that I am everything and more proud to be a woman. I needed to stop doubting myself and down playing my potential. I know what I am capable of and needed to refocus and find my motivation again. Plus, I met some amazing blogger friends. 

This year taught me so many eye opening lessons that I am so grateful for. I am so happy I found the source of my stress and learning to take things one at a time. I am learning to let go and just take the leap of faith. I am learning not to hold myself back anymore and be in my own way. What have you learned this year? What do you hope 2019 brings? Comment below and let me know. See you guys Thursday!