Three Challenges I Face As A Blogger And How I Overcome Them

This is another Google searched post that I came across and it really caught my attention. It forced me to really think about the challenges I do face and how I have overcome them. I initially had a large list that I had to narrow down to three. I probably could do a part two but these are are main three that I face on a daily basis.

What To Blog About Every Month

This ties in with the next challenge but it is hard sometimes to come up with what to post about every month. I do have recurring posts/series such as On A Personal Note, Black Owned Business Features and YouTube Friday’s but outside of those, it is like what do I want to blog about? I have been trying to branch out and do different post to see how my audience would respond. I normally plan my posts out ahead of time for the entire month. I plan according to the days I post each week and think of ideas after filling in my recurring posts. I just started doing more Google searches for posts when I am trying to think of something and revisit posts that I never published from previous months. Those two things have really helped recently and will continue to do so from now on.

Keeping Things Interesting

Along with figuring out what to blog about, I often struggle with keeping things interesting. I want to keep people coming back each week and keep their interest. I don’t want to have a limited vocabulary and way I review or explain things. I want to keep learning and expand how I express myself and talk about things. I learned that reading a poetry book every once in a while helps with blogging. You gain inspiration with how the poet describes something, their wording and how you feel after reading it. This is why I started doing Google searches for blog posts and challenging myself to write about those topics.

The Support Factor

This is something that I have dealt with since I started blogging….support. I assumed that my friends and family would support what I do, that they would repost, share with others, promote me but it is rare that this happens. I used to get so angry and frustrated with it but I had to learn that you can’t force people to support you. Everyone may not understand what you do and they honestly don’t have to support you publicly. I know I see how others are supported with everything they do and in the back of my mind I wish I had that but I am okay with it now. I support and promote myself and thankful to anyone who does so as well. I’m thankful for my online community I have and more focused on those who do support me.

I feel like there will be a part 2 because there are so may struggles that bloggers face everyday. I am just glad I have learned to overcome these challenges and grow from there. If you are a blogger or content creator reading this, what challenges do you face? Let’s chat.

2 thoughts on “Three Challenges I Face As A Blogger And How I Overcome Them

  1. You’r blog post are so bomb Sis! You’re one the ones I try to remember to read between doing things. Your post always so thorough and you explain everything so well. I would love to see some behind the scene post like how you plan or how you prepare for your videos.

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